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5MMM's Compilation Album Of Adelaide Bands 1980 is a compilation album released by 5MMM (now known as Three D Radio) in 1980. The album includes tracks from six Rock-Off finalists and seven other bands that emerged during 1980.

Track Listing Edit

Side One

  1. "Kid's Got Style" - The Dagoes
  2. "Red Light On" - Systems Go!
  3. "1966" - The Jumpers
  4. "Raco Bissell" - The Lounge
  5. "Lipstick And Foundation" - The Manics
  6. "Crash Sweet Crash" - The Bad Poets

Side Two

  1. "Every Home" - Street Corner Jack
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    Album back.

  2. "Man In A grey Hat" - Desperate Measures
  3. "Rats" - The Hares
  4. "Life On The Dole" - The Brats
  5. "Good Mates" - The Ungrateful Children
  6. "Women Break Out" - Natasha Koodrasev
  7. "Never Mind" - Nuvo Bloc
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