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The Adelaide Roots and Blues Association was formed in Adelaide, South Australia in 2013 and was incorporated on the 4th of December, 2014. It has not-for-profit status and the following broad aims:

  • To support and promote South Australian roots and blues artists locally, nationally and internationally 
  • To promote and foster a wider appreciation of roots and blues music across South Australia


To support the achievement of these aims ARBA is committed to the following goals in the calendar year of 2016:

  1. Produce and disseminate a newsletter at least every two months.
  2. Maintain and grow the association website and Facebook presence.
  3. Maintain and grow the annual “Memphis Blues Challenge” competition, our annual open, live, judged music competition comprised of “band” and “solo/duo” categories, on an annual basis. 
  4. Give the winners of both categories of the “Memphis Blues challenge” competition the opportunity to compete at The International Blues Challenge in Memphis.
  5. Develop a new ARBA logo and merchandise, including t-shirts and key ring, with merchandise to be available for purchase on association website.
  6. Continue association events at St Luke’s and the Ed Castle and other venues that may provide opportunities.
  7. Partner with The Gov in the Gumbo Room re-launch and ongoing Thursday evening weekly gig and jam.
  8. Establish a weekly ARBA gig at a centrally located, licensed venue, that has a stage and dance floor (once established it may be necessary to review goal 6).
  9. Continue the BAA and RAA awards on an annual basis.
  10. To establish and maintain links with suitable roots and blues related music festivals held in South Australia.


  • Dennis Kipridis
  • Erica Graff
  • Evan Whetter
  • Jeff Parham
  • Mick Kidd
  • Roger Smith
  • Susan Skujins
  • Mike Hotz
  • ​Mike Barnes

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