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Barnaby Charles Ward aka Baterz (3 July 1969 - 22 July 2002) was an Adelaide based acoustic artist and a member of The Bedridden.


The Bedridden released two albums, 'It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses An Eye' and 'Big Scary Cow'. A third release, 'I Told You It Wouldn't Work', allowed Baterz to launch his own Adelaide based record label, Army Of Nerds. Baterz was known for including offbeat subject matter in his lyrics: whether haemophilia, diabetes, car accident victims, amputees, drowned television personalities or even arachnid mothers, along with many other diseases and mishaps of human condition, probable or otherwise, Baterz was said to have even make pessimism funny - an particularly impressive feat considering that in 1984 he was diagnosed with HIV passed on during a routine blood transfusion a year earlier. Despite this debilitating virus, Baterz remained tireless both as a constant touring solo artist (releasing three singles and two albums: 'Baterz Out Of Hell' and 'Live And Well') and occasionally reuniting with The Bedridden. March 2002 saw the release of a new Bedridden single, Inland Sea, which was to herald a fourth album. Yet as fate would have it, around the same time lesions were discovered in his brain, hospitalising him for a couple of months and eventually stripping him of all coordination.