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Before the Aftermath


BEFORE THE AFTERMATH were a four-piece Australian rock outfit that blended influence from the masters of Australian 70's rock with those of early 90's Seattle. They supported touring artists including The Living End, Airbourne and Angry Anderson. They’ve released the popular singles ‘Down The River’ and ‘Dirty Pictures’, along with supporting heavyweights Motley Crue and KISS. Before The Aftermath consisted of members of Mere Theory, Reverses, Diplomat, Damned Men, Desert Crooks, Tommy Gun, Kenny's Window and Great Oceans.



  • Before The Aftermath EP - (2004)
  • BTA EP - (2005)
  • Before The Aftermath LP - (2007)
  • Before The Aftermath // Tommy Gun Live Split -
  • Death of The Church DVD - (2012)
  • Stomper - (2013)
  • Left with the Dawn - (2013)
  • Garage - (2013)
  • High Horse - (2013)

International Supports[]

  • Motley Crue
  • KISS