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Bit By Bats were an Australian three piece originally hailing from Adelaide before moving to Melbourne. Forming in 2003, the band had existed just a matter of weeks when they laid down their first demo (later released as their first ep). They sent it in as a CD-R to their local radio station, Three D Radio, who almost burnt a hole in the disc from constant play, well before the mysterious band stepped out to play their first show. The songs recalled influences of early-era The Cure, Joy Division and Television and fused them with a fresh raw and rough urgency.

During their time, Bit By Bats have toured with the likes of Australian bands Cut Copy, Youth Group, The Grates, and supported international acts including Bloc Party, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Les Savy Fav, Von Bondies, Peaches and Wire.

Their debut album was recorded at Birdland Studios with Dean Turner of Magic Dirt, Rob Long and Lindsay Gravina of Birdland and was released in early 2007.

In December 2007, Bit By Bats announced they would be parting ways, although all members are said to remain on good terms.


  • Owen Eszeki - vocals, electric guitar, theremin
  • Peter Gravestock - vocals, bass, electric guitar
  • Ben Macklin - drums


‘A controlled riot.’ – Rolling Stone

‘Art rock-meets-jangly pop backing topped with deliberately misdirected vocals that recall the style of guys like Television’s Tom Verlaine and Joy Division’s Ian Curtis.’ – Blunt

‘Melodic primal screams to tear your heart apart.’ – i-D (UK)

‘A balance between the tight rockin’ sound of The Strokes, mixed with the madness of Television and a voice that rivals Jack White…’ – Time Off


  • Go Go Go! (2007, Shiny Records)
  • Let's Go Romeo (2005, Guano Music)
  • Bit By Bats Self-titled EP (2004, Architecture Label)
  • Sir! Beat Sir tour EP (2003)