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BM December 2023

BRAVE MISTAKES started in Adelaide in late 2021. Music that speaks of longing, loneliness and separation in a land both expansive and ancient. Live performance began in February 2023 with members of Mule, Bronze Chariot, Tiersman, Dear Pilgrim, Eyes Like Black Stars, The Burning Sea, Blood Plastic, No Through Road and Swords.

Band Members[]


  • Charlotte Street (single) - 2021
  • Do You Mind (single) - 2021
  • Night Claws (single) - 2022
  • Slow Ruin (single) - 2022
  • How I See Faces (Single) - 2022
  • Busy Worrying (Single) - 2022
  • Wouldn't Be Holy (Single) - 2022
  • Brainwork (Single) - 2022
  • Shadow Pals (Single) - 2022
  • Rose for a Heart (Single) - 2022
  • Don't Ease Me (Single) - 2022
  • The Goon (Shadow Pals Pt. 2) (Single) - 2022
  • Can't Fear (Shadow Pals Pt. 3) (Single) - 2022
  • Under The Milky Way (The Church cover) - 2022
  • Charlotte Street (First anniversary version) - 2022
  • Bald Faced Liar (Single) - 2023
  • Nothing Doing (Single) - 2023
  • Eyes Back On The Road (Single) - 2023
  • Unchained Melody (The Righteous Brothers cover) - 2023
  • Sit a Minute (Single) - 2023
  • Late June (single) - 2023
  • Aching Enough (single) - 2024

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Reviews / Press[]

“Beginning life as the solo project of guitarist and vocalist Garrett R. Cooper (Mule, Bronze Chariot, Tiersman, Dear Pilgrim and Eyes Like Black Stars), Brave Mistakes is now a fully-fledged band whose latest release is the atmospheric ‘Aching Enough’. A post-punk delight, ‘Aching Enough’ ebbs and flows as Cooper’s vocals pair majestically with his band’s steady instrumentation. Ending with Cooper crooning about a love that has “taken its toll” over driving guitars, this is another quality release from Brave Mistakes.” - (The Note, June 2024)

“Brave Mistakes makes no mistakes with their new song ‘Aching Enough’, a bop taking CityMag straight back to the 80s. Disclaimer: please note we may not have been around at the time… The group sings over a catchy tune, insecure about a relationship and whether the feelings are equal.“ - (CityMag, May 2024)

"Aching Enough by Brave Mistakes ebbs and flows as singer Garrett R. Cooper vocals soar over the band's steady instrumentation. It's an atmospheric addition to the five-piece's growing catalogue of singles from 2021, one that cuts with the same retro edge as The Church. Brooding and cinematic, 'Aching Enough' is a worthy addition to any winter playlist." - (The Note, June 2024)

Q&A with Neptune Wakes word press - 19 October 2022

"It is music that speaks of longing, loneliness and separation in a land both expansive and ancient, where one can lose themselves in the terrain or simply in your own head. Southern Australian gothic or dark country? Maybe it defies pigeon holing but it is terrific rock music no matter how you look at it. Brave Mistakes sometimes pay off." - (Onyx Music Reviews, 2022).

"Brave Mistakes are a rare band. Retro sound, think Triffids or Birthday Party, but definitely have their own vibe and have synthesised their influences in a way that makes them sound unique. Especially during their charged and dynamic live shows. Lead singer Garrett Cooper's voice reminds of Dave McComb but it's rougher, more grit. Their songs are uniformly excellent and have a distinctly Australian flavour, vividly illustrating how it feels to live in a sparsely populated country watched over by a brutal sun. I can almost smell the red dust as the band rips through tunes like 'Eyes Back On the Road'. The band are skilled musicians who bring the songs to life with arrangements that never overcrowd but add atmosphere and noise that ratchet up the intensity naturally as they build. Their set at Outlaw'd festival feels like a journey with all the peaks and valleys you'd expect travelling through a country such as ours. Each song had a distinct identity while adding to a narrative and aesthetic that feels authentic, never forced. The chemistry of the band ensures a magnetic performance that won't soon be forgotten." - (Sonic Vandals, 2023).