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Central Deli Band are an alternative band originally from Whyalla, South Australia.


Central Deli Band was formed in Whyalla, South Australian in early 2002 by two community radio announcers Luke Eygenraam and Matthew Hayward. Originally envisioned as a home recording project and an outlet for boredom, Central Deli Band later enlisted the help of Jimmy "Bean" Boss and Corey Price on drums and bass respectively.

The live band made its Adelaide debut in September 2004, and by February 2005 had played the Big Day Out. Known for its outrageous and sometimes confrontational live antics, the group went on to support The Avalanches, Gerling, The Presets, Ground Components, Faker, Midnight Juggernauts and Dungen (Sweden). Locally, they often shared bills with No Through Road, Poly & the Statics and Lady Strangelove.

After a particularly volatile interstate tour with The Grates (including a date at the prestigious Forum Theatre in Melbourne) the band split in December 2006. Eygenraam and Boss went on to play in the sample-dance outfit The Waterslides. Hayward turned to management, nurturing Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! and Steering by Stars to moderate success. He also sang for shortlived indie-rock band Sidewalks and now performs in new wave band Street Legal. Price appeared in the cult-classic comedy series Italian Spiderman.

Since 2011 Central Deli Band has sporadically reformed for one-off shows, and has supported Jello Biafra and the Guantanmano School of Medicine (USA), David Liebe Hart (Adult Swim - USA), Damian Cowell's Disco Machine (ex-TISM), and Adelaide's own Grong Grong

Members []

  • Matthew Hayward - vocals, guitar, samples, synth
  • Luke Eygenraam - vocals, guitar, samples, synth
  • Corey Price - bass, vocals
  • Jimmy Boss - drums, vocals synth
  • Greg Beazley - drums (live, 2005)
  • Tim Whitt - guitar, synth (live, 2005-6)


EPs and Singles

  • Love Me Rasheed - (2004)
  • Goldfingerin' Mofo/Bad Girls - (2006)


  • ...May Contain Traces of Nuts - (2004)

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