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Charli Holoubek is a guitarist from Adelaide, South Australia.

Biography Edit

Holoubek started touring with a band called Elfin Glade in the early 1970s and then a band with the name 'Waves' shortly after that. He later joined country-rock band Redeye in 1978. At the beginning of 1980 he formed 'Rhythm Willie', a jazz/rhythm and blues group with the idea of playing Louis Armstrong, Louis Jordan, Count Basie and various other artists of the time with a three pronged approach. Each soloist would play in a different style. The trombonist, Johann Rhythmbottom, would play in a trad style, Ralph Franke, the saxophonist would play in a more modern jazz idiom and Holoubek would play with a more rock focused sound. After the band had run its natural course, he was involved with one of Adelaide's hardest partying bands, Harry and the Heartthrobs featuring the inimitable Harry Van Venetti on vocals. This developed into more 'serious' venture called the 'Hot Frogs'. The band was mix of, off-the-wall humour and musical sophistication. Although for the last 26 years Holoubek has been playing with various bands, his main band has been an 8 piece New Orleans rhythm and blues outfit called Gumbo Ya! Ya!. He put the band together in 1987 because due to a great love of New Orleans music. The group performs a range of music from early rhythm and blues to contemporary New Orleans music.

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