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Coloured Stone is a band from the Koonibba Mission, west of Ceduna, South Australia. Their sound has been described as having a unique feel and Aboriginal (Indigenous Australian) qualities. The band performs using guitar, bass, drums, and Aboriginal instruments – didjeridu, bundawuthada (gong stone) and clap sticks – to play traditional music such as the haunting "Mouydjengara", a whale-dreaming song of the Mirning people.


The original Coloured Stone band members were three brothers, Bunna Lawrie (drums & lead vocals), and Neil Coaby (rhythm guitar & backing vocals) and Mackie Coaby (bass & backing vocals), and their nephew, Bruce (aka Bunny) Mundy (lead guitar & backing vocals). All are from the mission settlement of Koonibba, South Australia. Bunna Lawrie is the leader and singer of the band and he was also their original drummer.

Bunna Lawrie is also a member and respected elder of the Mirning Aboriginal tribe from the Coastal Nullabor, South Australia. He is a Mirning whaledreamer and songman, medicine man and story teller of his tribe. He is Coloured Stone's founding member and chief song writer.

The band's single, "Black Boy" was a success when first released in 1984 -it became the number one song in Fiji and it sold 120,000 copies. It was followed by "When You Gonna Learn" and "Dancin' in the Moonlight". The lyrics of "Black Boy" included the line "Black boy, black boy, the colour of your skin is your pride and joy," which was a somewhat revolutionary sentiment for Aboriginals of Australia in the 1980s. It moved black audiences to increase their dancing each time it was played at an early gig in Alice Springs.

Bunna Lawrie's son, Jason Scott played guitar, bass, drums and didgeridu for Coloured Stone from the age of 13 years old. His first major gig was "Rock Against Racism" in Adelaide. Jason has also performed at the Sydney Opera House and he toured the US in 1994 with the Wirrangu Band as part of a cultural exchange program. With his band 'Desert Sea', Jason released an album in 2002 titled 'From the Desert to the Sea'.



  • Koonibba Rock - (1985)
  • Black Rock from the Red Centre - (1986)
  • Human Love - (1986)
  • Wild Desert Rose - (1988)
  • Crazy Mind - (1989)
  • Inma Juju - (1991)
  • Barefeet Dancing - (1995)
  • Songs from the Nullarbor - (1995)
  • Rhythm of Nature - (1998)
  • Dance to the Sun - (2013)


  • Black Boy - (1984)
  • Island Of Greed - (1985)
  • Dancing in the Moonlight - (1986)
  • Stay Young - (1988)
  • Love is the Medicine (1992)
  • Australia (2000)


Current Members

  • Bunna Lawrie - vocals, rhythm guitar, didgeridu, gong stone
  • Selwyn Burns - lead guitar, vocals
  • Peter Hood - drums
  • Cee Cee Honeybee - backing vocals

Past Members

  • Selwyn Burns
  • Cee Cee Honey Bee
  • Tjimba Possum-Burns
  • Russell (Rusty) Pinky
  • Duane Lawrie
  • Neil Coaby
  • Mackie Coaby
  • Selwyn Burns
  • Jason Scott
  • Bruce 'Bunny' Mundy
  • John John Miller
  • Joseph Williams
  • Ash Dargan
  • Robby Fletcher
  • Jojo Coleman
  • Corey Noll
  • Ash Dargan
  • Nicky Moffat