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Darkened winter is a Ambient / Black Metal band founded in 2007 and based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Over the past decade, Darkened Winter has released a number of albums, and also worked with underground labels from around the world, and was also added to the book Encyclopedia of Australian Metal.

The band was featured on the Polish radio station "Radio Revolta" for the segment "Demons of Australia", playing alongside bands such as The Amenta, Mhorgl, The Furur, Vahrzaw, Destroyer 666, just to name a few.  

Winterdemon also compiled the Australian Black Metal Compilation album "Terra Australis: Vol 1" in 2013, In order to promote upcoming bands in the genre.


2007/2009 - The project was formed in 2007 by Matt Ford - AKA "Winterdemon". After looking for members to form a Black Metal band without any luck, and already having music written for what would become his first release, The decision was made to continue going as a solo project. Thus creating Darkened Winter.

Recording followed over the next year, compiling 6 tracks for the demo release of  "Gates To Eternity". Which was released in 2009, Around 50 - 100 home made copies were released and given out,  As well as posting interstate / overseas.

2010/2011 - Shortly after writing began for the second release "Raiders Of Northland". This is the album and the turning point in which the sound and musical direction is truly found, 6 tracks were compiled and released in 2010. Again, around 100 - 200 home made copies were released and given out.

This release picked up some attention and seen tracks played on various radio stations in Australia & overseas, as well as having tracks played on the Polish radio station "Radio Revolta" for the segment “Demons of Australia”. which featured some of Australia's biggest acts in the black metal scene at the time including The Amenta, Mhorgl, The Furur, Vahrzaw, Destroyer 666, just to name a few.  

As well as a write up review in the Italian black metal magazine "Black Mass".

2012 - After a year break, 6 new tracks had been compiled and the third album "Rise Of The Pagan Flames" was released.

Only a few physical copies were released of this album, and it was mainly made as a digital download to make it more readily available. This album received positive reviews by various internet sites, As well as been played on  radio stations in Australia & overseas.

Darkened Winters first 3 albums were also released by the French label "Infernal Kommando Records".

2013 - fourth album, "Yggdrasil: Journey Throughout The Nine Worlds" is released. Which took 2 years to complete, 11 tracks were compiled for this album.

Due to its length It was released over 2 CD's,  working with an independent distributor from overseas.

All albums could now be made available worldwide, as well as merchandise. This album received positive feedback, resulting in interviews / reviews from various sites. As well as radio play overseas and here in Australia.

Winterdemon also put together the all Australian Black Metal compilation "Terra Australis  - Vol 1" featuring some of Australia's rising underground black metal bands at the time.

The two track demo “Fate Of The Norns” was also released and hand numbered to 100 copies.

2014 -Two albums were released this year “Tumulus” and “Blood Oath”.

Both albums received positive feedback. Winterdemon also worked with  UK Artist Wolven Claws Artist, to create the oil painted front cover for “Blood Oath”.

Darkened Winter was also added to the book Encyclopedia of Australian Metal.

“Blood Oath” was also featured as album of the month on the underground metal website Black Metal Underground.

A split release with Russian band “Scolopendra Cingulata” was also released as a free digital download on both both bands websites.

2015 - “Awaiting Ragnarok” is the sixth album, this same year a split release “The Cold Steel Of Heathen Might” is also completed with U.S Black Metal band “Summon The Tempest Winds”. Which was again released as a free digital download on both bands websites.

The single “Upon the Ravens Call” is released also, in preparation for the coming album.

2016 - The Album “Upon The Ravens Call” is released and gains Positive feedback from the likes of reviews / interviews and radio play.

2017 - Ten tracks are compiled from each album up to this point, and a compilation is released entitled “10 Years Of Winter” which was to mark ten years since the bands inception.

A new album is also released “Dark Age Warfare” which received very good feedback in the forms of magazine / website reviews.

It is also released in limited Digi-pak format through "silentium in Foresta Records".

That same year “The Sagas Of Eld” split is released with Australian solo Black Metal project “Klamath” and released digitally.

2018 - The album "Hel" is released and receives a lot of positive feedback gaining reviews from a number of sites.

"Rarities" is also released, which consists of tracks that were solely used for splits or compilations.

2020"The Personification of Time" EP is released. which gained positive reviews, aswell as been shared on promotional you tube channels.

"The Wolf Within" full length is released on all major streaming platforms and is well received, having a number of reviews and radio play.


Gates to Eternity Demo 2009
Raiders of Northland Full-length 2010
Rise of the Pagan Flames Full-length 2012
Yggdrasil: Journey Throughout the Nine Worlds Full-length 2013
Fate of the Norns Demo 2013
Tumulus Full-length 2014
Blood Oath Full-length 2014
Darkened Winter / Scolopendra Cingulata Split 2014
Awaiting Ragnarök Full-length 2015
The Cold Steel of Heathen Might Split 2015
Upon the Ravens Call Single 2015
Upon the Ravens Call Full-length 2016
10 Years of Winter.. Compilation 2017
Dark Age Warfare Full-length 2017
The Sagas of Eld Split 2017
Rarities Compilation 2018
Hel Full-length 2018
The Personification of Time EP 2020
The Wolf Within Full-length 2020


  • Winterdemon - All Instruments, Vocals (2007 - present)