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Diplomat from Adelaide, South Australia create spacious, staggeringly beautiful albeit savage noise rock. Walls of sound the height of buildings, towering over at the volume of jet engines, sucking the air out of the room. Diplomat consists of members of The Burning Sea, Before the Aftermath, Damned Men, Reverses, The Sea Thieves, Girls and Adam, Sex Wizard, Reverses, Rash and Tommy Gun.


  • Nat Stone - Guitar, Vocals
  • Justin Hermes - Bass
  • Ben Matson - Drums
  • Adam Hollinshead - Guitar


  • Welcome Departure - (2000)
  • Forward Thinking - (2001)
  • The Devine and the Impure - (2003)
  • Death of The Church DVD - (2012)
  • Nebraska // Diplomat Split LP - (2017)

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