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EP Productions is an Australian band formed in 2005 and consist of two members (Malakian & Peter Because) they perform a style of Experimental Noises mixed with Freestyle Dark Comedy Rap, Hip Hop, Industrial, Techno and Metal.

They who may or may not be and or related to none of the above including and excluding everyone except you. They are noted to be a snazzy alternative experimental pop rap rock metal jazz noise comedy group

They are well known by nothing, except that thing they did that one time on Yahoo! Chat live, however nobody was in attendance to verify the events that happened. They claim to have won awards for several albums but can't find them or recall what they were for. However they were involved in a controversial collaboration with Australian hip hop artists Hilltop Hoods as the group later lodged a cease and desist letter against EP to remove the track, due to a backlash from their own fan base of lads, who couldn't quite get jiggy with it. A new version of the song remains online without the groups collaboration but dedicated to the group, titled "Hilltop Hoods" the original mix entitled "OzTipTop" racked up over 200,000 plays and smashed the iTunes charts, but was shot down in a blaze of glory. In 2006 they released two comedy film dubs for Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (Dubbed: EP Productions: Story Of Beautiful Ricky) and Ichi The Killer (dubbed: Ricky II Crazy). They have released too many albums that can't be found online, unless you have eyes and fingers. However the majority of their albums have been banned or censored due to Tony Abbott. But try YouTube and Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music. No! They are also responsible for creating the metal band KcaveMen which started as a comedy skit on the first EP.


Hilltop Hoods - Album Leak 2018 TRACK (EP Productions)


Malakian and Peter Because, both found each other while lost in Elizabeth. They were both looking for the closest Centrelink so they could lodge their dole forms together and buy a garlic yiros. After the feast, they decided to make an EP called EP and had no other choice but to call their band, EP.

The meaning behind the band name was found behind a dumpster at blockbuster video written on ancient scrolls featuring over 150 variations of the translation of what the foundation of EP stands for. However the language is untranslatable to the human mind. So just stick with EP!!

After they maxed out cd space on their first EP, they made volume after volume of drunken madness. 11 volumes were made over a couple years before they started video skits (EP News) and foreign comedy dubs (Story of Ricky). They released a best of EP album digitally in 2018 entitled CRAZY! AMAZING! YEAH! after they rose to fame from the Hilltop Hoods controversy. They'd like to note, they are all still buddies with Hilltop and have barbecues together with real lumber and beers.

They have conducted several interviews throughout their EP's including: Judge Judy, Dr. Phil, Arnold Schwarzenegger and more. Several featuring artists on their work include: Gary The Rapist, Snazzy Sam, Simon The Retard, An Old Man, Santa Claus, The Department of Water Resources, Garden Gnomes, 3pac, Mint man and Coconuts, Kony, 3 Blind Men, Abdulah Hemlock, Geoffrey Leonard, Centrelink, Angry Aboriginal, KcaveMen and of course The Hilltop Hoods.

In July 2022, Malakian posted on facebook "It is my deepest regrets to have to announce my fellow trouble maker, my friend, and one half of EP, Peter Because, passed away yesterday. He will always be my greatest buddy and he will be missed by many. Thank you so much for the laughs and friendship. I will continue to cherish the work we done together until we meet again. Love Malakian. " it's unknown if Malakian will continue the band without Peter, but it is probable that the discography will be re-released in the near future, An Animation project was in early stages of production with the duo, which maybe released still featuring Peters voices as some of the characters.

In November 2022, Two best of "EP" albums were released entitled "Black Metal Tuna Fishes Being Eaten By An Old Man Next To A Retard With A Microphone" featuring the metal side of EP and the dawn of cavemen; and the "Who Stole My Mustard" best of EP compilation featuring the first 8 volumes mixed together. A Third and final compilation will be released featuring the last 3 volumes mixed together. It's a possibility all 11 volumes will be released uncut in the future, but no plans as of yet. Malakian has announced he is still working on the cartoon show entitled "EP3D" and that he plans to carry on the name "EP Productions" as an independent Animation Studio dedicated to comedy skit shows in the future.



  • EP (2005)
  • 2 (2005)
  • 3.0 (2005)
  • IV (2005)
  • 5: Stayin' Alive (2006)
  • 6: 6 sixty 6 (2006)
  • 7: In Heaven (2006)
  • 8: Christmas Rape (2006)
  • 9: Behind Enemy Lines (2006)
  • 10: Will You Be My Friend (2010)
  • 11: Stolen Generation (2011)
  • Crazy! Amazing! Yeah! (2018)
  • Black Metal Tuna Fishes Being Eaten By An Old Man Sitting Next To A Retard with a Microphone (2022)
  • Who Stole My Mustard (2022)


Year Title Role Notes
2006 56k Dialup Malakian

Peter Because

Gary The Rapist

Mintman & Coconuts

Also Director & Producer
2006 Story of Ricky All voices Copyright
2007 Ricky II Crazy Yes
2012 EP News Malakian

Peter Because

2013 Mint Man: The Movie! Mint man
2014 Greatest Movie Ever Unreleased
2022 Peter Because Tribute Malakian

Peter Because

Unreleased "EP News" Episode
2022 EP3D Mike, Malakian

Peter Because

Simon, Geoff,

Oldman, Abdulah

In Production"


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