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Track art for the FreakChild song 'Attention Distraction'.

FreakChild (Michael Towns), born December 1st 1988, is an Adelaide chiptune artist who will be soon performing his first ever live set at Joypad , a monthly videogame and chiptune night at the bar Two Ships.

Having experimented with other forms of music such as industrial and parody in his teens, Michael started dabbling in more computer based forms of music early into his twenties. Gaining connections with other chiptune artists around Adelaide in 2010, he decided to give the genre a go and soon adopted it as his main form of music production making his first track in the early months of the same year and adopted the stage name 'FreakChild' (based on a nickname a close friend gave him when he was a teenager).

The Freak EP[]

In the later half of January 2011 FreakChild gathered the songs he had created and put them together to form 'The Freak EP'. The EP contains the seven tracks previously released beween early 2010 to the start of 2011. The tracks are as follows:

  1. Attention Distraction

    Cover art work for 'The Freak EP'.

  2. BouncE DowN
  3. Popsicles
  4. GreenlanD
  5. Date with Destiny
  6. Popsicle Polar Bears
  7. Karate

The EP is available for download from the FreakChild Bandcamp page and measures are currently under way to have physical copies created in compact disc form for sale on the website and at performances.


JoyPad is a monthly videogame and chiptunes night held at the Adelaide bar 'Two Ships' on the second saturday of the month with notable Adelaide chiptune artists Little-Scale and HugePedlar contributing live performances. As of the Feburary 2011 event FreakChild will be playing 'The Freak EP' live for the first time with hopeful plans of continuing performing sets at future Joypad nights.