Adelaide Music Wiki

The Govenor Hindmarsh Hotel (A.K.A. The Gov) has established itself as one of South Australia’s leading live music venues since 1993, when the Tonkin family took over. There are regular performances by local bands and world-class musicians performing in the front bar and the venues main stage.

The Gov’s Front Bar and Saloon Bar hold the Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society meetings on Tuesdays, Open Mic Sessions on Wednesdays, Irish Jam Sessions on Fridays and live local bands on Thursdays and Saturdays.


At the 2009 and 2012 Australian Hotels Association’s national Awards for Excellence, The Gov was awarded the title of ‘Best Entertainment Venue in Australia’. The Gov has also won the AHA Award for Excellence as the ‘Best Entertainment Venue in South Australia’ for the last six years, a streak which started in 2007. It was also inducted into the SA AHA Hall of Fame in 2011 as the ‘Best Entertainment Venue’ and won 'Best Music Venue' at the 2015 SAM Awards.