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This page will continue to be edited and updated as we hear about any troubles people are having understanding how the Adelaide Music Wiki operates.

The Basics[]

Search function[]

As is described on the home page, this website is an alternative to Wikipedia for South Australian music. As such, it operates in a very similar way to Wikipedia. If you wish to search for a page(s) about a band, person, album, music organisation, venue etc. there is a search facility at the top of any page of the Adelaide Music Wiki.

It is easy to miss because it sits on its own as a separate bar at the very top of each page and also contains links to other wikia websites. If you click on the word 'search' next to the image of a magnifying glass you can then type in whatever you wish to search for and hit enter to search for pages within the Adelaide Music Wiki.


If you don't know specifically what you are looking for, there are drop down menus at the top of any page to help you navigate the website. If you hover your mouse over one of the options, such as 'genres' or 'years active', further options will appear for you to then click on. When you click on one of these options you will be sent the corresponding category page. The category page will give you many options to choose from.

Contributing to the wiki[]

If you would like to contribute to the wiki, but don't know where to start, this is the section for you. Please also take note of the 'Rules for submission' on the home page.

Getting started[]

From any page of the Adelaide Music Wiki you can find two options to begin adding your own page. They both sit at the top of the page on the right hand side. The first is a button that says 'contribute', if you click on this button you will open a drop down menu that gives you multiple options. The second is the most straight forward, it is a blue button that says 'add new page,' click on it to continue. You will then be prompted to add the title of your page, please ensure you use the correct capitalisation and spacing.


Once you have added the title of your page you will be presented with a blank canvas to work with in the 'visual editor' of the wiki. Before you begin adding your content here please be aware that there is a standard code of practice for correct formatting on the Adelaide Music Wiki. The best way to familiarise yourself with this is to look through existing articles on the wiki and to recognise the way in which they are all presented. If you make a formatting mistake a moderator will edit your page to conform to this standard code of practice.

When you add content to this blank canvas a code is generated that tells the website how to display the given content. If you copy and paste your content from elsewhere, whether you copy from a word processor or another website, extra code may be added describing specific fonts, font sizes etc. Please avoid copy and pasting information on to the Adelaide Music Wiki because this extra coding can create a mess and your content will most likely not conform to the formatting standards of the wiki.

At the top of your blank canvas are the tools you need to format your page. Firstly there is a drop down menu that determines whether you are working on a standard paragraph or some sort of heading. As you head to the right across this top panel there is a B for bold text, an I for Italics and a button to create a hyperlink (represented by a linked chain.) Further over to the right there is also a panel with options to add videos, images, a gallery, bullet lists and numbered lists.


You can create hyperlinks to other pages within the wiki by highlighting a word or phrase and then hitting the hyperlink button, as described in the paragraph above about formatting.

As is noted under the 'Rules for submission' on the home page, external links are only permitted under an 'External Links' heading, not in the main body of a page. These are created by the same process, but in this case once you have clicked on the hyperlink button you need to type in the URL for the page you wish to link to.


Once you have created your page you can then add categories to it. Categories are like tags that connect your page with similar pages and make it easier for people to find your page. To add a category scroll to the bottom of your page and click 'add category'. You can add as many category tags that are relevant to your page as you would like, but the most effective way to make use of categories is to add tags that already exist on the wiki, be careful to match the correct capitalisation and spacing.


The Adelaide Music Wiki has been made using wikia, a free wiki hosting service. Wikia is free of charge, for-profit, deriving its income from advertising, so if you don't have an ad blocker on your browser you will see quite a lot of advertising. The Adelaide Music Wiki has been voluntarily made by the community for the community. This free of charge, but for the profit of wikia via advertising, format is very convenient and provides the tools we need, so please respect the necessity of the advertising and links to other wikia websites. This is for the sake of us having a free to use platform to create our own Wikipedia style website.

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