Hivemind is a two-piece heavy rock band from Adelaide, South Australia.

The band formed in 2015 and draws influences from bands such as Karnivool, Tool, Helmet, The Mars Volta, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains and Quicksand. The band is also influenced by local acts such as Priority Orange and The Milton Experience.


Formation Edit

The basis for Hivemind was established in late 2015, after the hiatus of Tom and Joe's old three piece Adelaide band Hermit became prolonged. Having played in bands together for a number of years, the duo sought a new project that could produce a large sound as a two-piece in order to make the band easy to manage. Tom, originally a guitarist, transferred to a bass guitar and an octave pedal in order to play through both a bass amplifier and a guitar amplifier, giving the feel of a full band with two people. Hivemind began performing at local Adelaide venues in October 2015 and have continued to play since then.

2015 Edit

Having minimal time to spend in the studio for long sessions, the band began recording their début EP 'Pyramid' in Joe's spare room. On top of this, the band performed at their first gigs at the Bridgeway Hotel for the now defunct Northern Exposure shows each Thursday night.

On December 9th, the band released their début Pyramid EP and began distributing them for free at gigs.

2016 Edit


Hivemind performing at the Crown & Anchor Hotel in March, 2016.

Hivemind began their year with a slew of gigs, at a variety of venues around Adelaide. Within the first few months of the year, the band had played a number of shows at venues such as the Crown & Anchor Hotel, Enigma Bar, The Producer's Hotel, and The Metropolitan Hotel. The band also performed on community radio station Three D Radio, playing an hour long set.

The band is planning to release their second EP titled 'Two Headed' in 2016.

Members Edit

  • Tom McDonough - bass, vocals
  • Joe Bersagliere - drums


  • Pyramid EP - (2015)
  • Two Headed EP - (upcoming - 2016)

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Hivemind Bandcamp

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