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Lovely norman

Sweet William Lovely Norman 7" single 1999 Matinée Recordings


Sweet William Fedora 7" single 1998 Library Records


Jason Sweeney (based on Kaurna Country in Adelaide, Australia) has been composing and recording either solo under the name Sweeney, under the alias of Panoptique Electrical, Other People’s Children and Simpático, or with friends in various musical projects like Pretty Boy Crossover, Sweet William, The Millards, Madeline's Wreath, School of Two, Luxury Gap, Par Avion, Great Panoptique Winter, Mist & Sea, Winter Witches, GIRL and many others since the late 1980s.


Sweeney's early days of music began whilst working at MMM Radio (now Three D Radio) in the late 1980s, producing demos with the duo The Nightmare Room. He went on to meet his fellow band members there for the subsequent bands The Millards, Madeline's Wreath and Sweet William. His band Sweet William released 7" singles and EPs outside of Australia on labels such as Matinée Recordings, Shelflife and Twee Kitten, as well as within Australia on Library Records. Other People's Children released 7"s, CDs and vinyl on 555 Recordings, Morr Music (ANOST) and Library Records. Panoptique Electrical continues to release music on Sound in Silence, and previously on Australian label Sensory Projects. Pretty Boy Crossover initially released the first album on Adelaide's Surgery Records and went on to release a string of albums on Sensory Projects and in 2022 on Nice Music. Under the guise of Sweeney he has released albums on Sound in Silence as well as his own imprint Observable Universe. He has also been directing and creating interactive works for the internet, experimental films, projects for galleries and theatre spaces and has collaborated with some of South Australia’s leading performing arts companies and organisations.

Dutch mother

Sweet William Dutch Mother 7" single 1997 Matinée Recordings


Sweeney "Ageism" album 2024 Observable Universe


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Jason's releases since 1997 can be found on Disocogs here: Discogs Listing

Much of his recent output and some retrospectives of The Millards and Madeline's Wreath can be found on Bandcamp at