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Live with Izera in 2015 (photo by TB Photography)

Joe Skold is a percussionist and electronic solo artist. Most notably, drummer for Izera, and percussionist/keyboardist for the industrial rock band Across The Maelstrom.


In 2005, he started the alternative rock band Postbox Dynasty with friend and guitarist, Peter Hollow. Joe left the band in 2011 and at this time, joined Across the Maelstrom, and soon after started working on solo experimental electronic music under the name Razdraz.

In February 2015 he took on the drum position in the synth rock band Izera. In 2019, he started working with Gabe Moylan and Jed Skater, where he has taken on the drum position in Tabloids.


With Across The Maelstrom in January 2012

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