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July 14th was an Adelaide based band active from 1984-1986.


The name July 14 is made up from the birth date of three of the band members. The group's first single Me and My Gun did very well nationally and internationally. The release of the album Australian Bite was greatly anticipated and is discussed in the book SA great it's our music 1956-1986.

The group was commissioned to provide the tracks for two documentaries, the first for the ABC titled Searching for Women's History a 3 part documentary which was broadcast on national television. The second project was a US documentary on the Zanoni shipwreck off of Port Lincoln.


  • Terry Bradford - guitar, vocals
  • Rod Ling - guitar
  • Robyn Habel - bass, vocals
  • Tom Cowsill - drums
  • Andrew Mills - drums
  • Roy Ezinger - drums
  • Brett Spilsbury - saxophone




  • Australian bite - (Greasy Pop Records, 1985)
  • Cut it live - (Greasy Pop Records, 1986)
  • Till we meet again - (Greasy Pop Records, 1988)
  • July 14th - (Round Records, 1996)