Shawn Montague (born October 30, 1986) better known by his stage name KidCrusher is an Australian producer, vocalist, guitarist, drummer, film director, editor, live promoter, performer, actor, web-designer, radio host and former backyard wrestler from Adelaide, South Australia.

Since 2005, KidCrusher has released 12 studio albums and performs a style of hardcore metal hip hop and is known for its elaborate live performances, Often compared to acts like Insane Clown Posse, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Mudvayne, Korn, Limp Bizkit & Linkin Park.

Over the course of five years KidCrusher has, without the help of a record label or distribution deal sold 20,000 records making him one of the most successful independent artists in the underground. He has toured around Australia and done shows with several artists such as: ICP, Xzibit, Hed(pe), Mushroomhead, Hopsin, Dirt Nasty, The Berzerker, Devolved and as well as opening for the Grand Theft Auto 5 EB Games Release Party. Well known from his appearance on Insane Clown Posse’s compilation CD Tunnel Runners, released in stores world wide on Psychopathic Records sub-label Hatchet House which featured material from underground rappers and groups not signed to Hatchet House. The album was featured at #21 on the top billboard charts for hip hop albums in 2008.

He has also gained over one million views on his YouTube channel for his highly controversial music videos for “Meet The Monstors“, “The Naughty List” and A Dirty Fuckin Murder“, Which was also featured on the TV show Law & Order” in the episode “Steel Eyed Death“. KidCrusher made a cameo appearance on the show acting as “The Axis Of Death“, the episode was loosely based on the Farmvile Murders/Richard McCroskey who was actually a fan of KidCrusher in real life. According to the episode, KidCrushers music influenced McCroskey to murder. The episode was reviewed by The New York Times as well as Fangoria Magazine. The lyrics of Horrorcore music are purely fantasy. The goal is to use the social medium of music to paint a fictional picture of horror the same way an author writes a horror novel or a director makes a horror movie. The fictional story that KC tells through his music is that of a mentally ill, cannibalistic serial killer who dawns the persona of a clown. KidCrusher does NOT commit, condone or advocate ANY of the actions made by the character in his music.


  • KidCrusher - Vocals / Production
  • BubZombie - Live DJ


With Rectal Birth

  • Fist Fuck (2003)
  • The Nothing (2012)

With KcaveMen

  • Return For Snack (2005)
  • Gondwanaland (2010)

As KidCrusher

  • Light to Dark and Life to Death (2005)
  • Sweet Dreams (2006)
  • Tormented Mutation (2006)
  • Light to Dark and Life to Death - Re-Release (2007)
  • Black Circle Majik (2007)
  • Cannibal Clown (2007)
  • Meet The Monstors (2007)
  • Stoned as a Mother Fucker (2007)
  • Metal Murder Mixtape (2008)
  • Black Circle Magic - Re-Release (2009)
  • Metal Murder Mixtape Vol.2 (2010)
  • The Grinch (2010)
  • Teddy vs. KC (2011)
  • Random Acts Of Hate (2011)
  • Suicidal Singles (2012)
  • The Christmas Nightmare (2013)
  • Heavily Medicated (2014)
  • Metal Murder 3D (2014)
  • MM3D2 (2014)

With Tunnel Runners

  • Masters Of The Wicked Shit (2008)


Year Title Role Notes
2003 XBA Death Death Documentary Shawn Montague / Malakian Also Director & Producer
2009 Law & Order The Axis Of Death
2010 Death Walks The Streets Trailer Theme Song
2011 The Mighty Misfits Documentary KidCrusher Also Music
2014 Murderdrome Trailer Theme Song
2014 Alice In Zombieland KidCrusher Also Music Producer
2015 From Parts Unknown: Fight like a Girl Radio Host Cinematic Score, Sound Effects, Voice Cameo
2015 The Disturbed Baz Also Cinematic Score & Sound Effects


KidCrusher - ICP Australian Tour 2013 Highlights LIVE

KidCrusher - ICP Australian Tour 2013 Highlights LIVE

  • Battle of the Bands – Adelaide (2003)
  • KidCrusher – CD Release Party – Adelaide (2006)
  • K-Rino (USA) Australian Tour – Adelaide (2007)
  • MMA Music Awards – Sydney (2007)
  • Project X – Charity Event – Adelaide (2009)
  • Tunnel Runner Down Under Tour (2009)
  • Dead Of Winter Festival – Brisbane (2009)
  • Xzibit (USA) – Australian Tour – Adelaide (2010)
  • KcaveMen – Australian Tour (2010)
  • Club Superstars – Sydney (2010)
  • Juggalo Monsters Ball – Sydney (2010)
  • Halloween Horrorcore – Adelaide (2010)
  • RVM 24 – Industrial Rebirth – Adelaide (2011)
  • Bawdy Festival (EUROPE) – Freak Show Tour (2011)
  • Dirt Nasty (USA) – Australian Tour – Adelaide (2011)
  • Hopsin (USA) – Australian Tour (2011)
  • Scorcher Festival – Adelaide (2011)
  • Hed Pe & Mushroomhead (USA) – Brisbane & Perth (2012)
  • Rectal Birth – CD Release Party – Adelaide (2012)
  • EB Games – Grand Theft Auto 5 – Release Party – Adelaide (2013)
  • Insane Clown Posse (USA) – Australian Tour (2013)
  • KidCrusher – Sydney & Melbourne (2014)

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