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KidCrusher is an Australian rapper, actor, composer, guitarist and record producer from Adelaide, South Australia. Founded in 2005, KidCrusher performs a style of hardcore hip hop known as Horrorcore / which focuses primarily on dark and violent lyrics, with blend of hardcore rap and bloodthirsty metal.

He has nationally toured with Tech N9ne, ICP, Hopsin, Xzibit, Hed PE, Mushroomhead, Dirt Nasty, Boondox, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, The Berzerker and hosted the release party for Grand Theft Auto V in Adelaide for EB Games and headlined the underground preshow for Twiztid's Netfest: On Your Couch Online Festival and more. In addition, KC has collaborated with Insane Clown Posse's record label Psychopathic Records for their compilation album Tunnel Runners which debuted on the Billboard Rap Charts at #21.

He is also well known by his feature on the Television show Law & Order as the Axis Of Death, loosely based on the Farmville murders which sparked controversy worldwide towards the horrorcore community as the killer Richard Samuel McCroskey was a fan of KidCrusher in real life. His music and others in the genre, were a spotlight of blame towards the incident as a potential influence.

In addition to film, he composed Film score's for the Australian feature films From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl and Sheborg Massacre directed by Daniel Armstrong and distributed by Monster Pictures.

He is also the lead vocalist and producer for the metal bands KcaveMen and Rectal Birth and also the host of an internet radio show called The Drain. He has released 18 studio albums to date, but is most notable for his Chronicles of KidCrusher collection.


KidCrusher was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia and kick started his musical career in several rap and metal bands in high school but a heavy influence from Insane Clown Posse, Slipknot, Korn, Mudvayne, Fear Factory, Dark Lotus and also South Park for its vulgar and explicit material and Movie soundtracks including Tales from the Hood pushed him to develop a Horrorcore solo act in 2005.

In 1999, he released several cassette demos under the name Sinner. In 2003, he formed his first metal band "Rectal Birth" the group performed live but never released an album due to the lack of commitment from the other members, he was then a founding member of a rap supergroup Subterra which released two albums between 2004-2005. After the groups demise he decided to attempt a solo album influenced by Insane Clown Posse, his first single "A Dirty Fuckin Murder" was released online with a self made music video which gained over 300,000 views online YouTube and developed a cult following, this pushed him to record and release his first studio album "Tormented Mutation" in 2006 and focus on a solo career as KidCrusher.


KidCrusher - In Your Nightmares (Music Video) Australian Horrorcore

In 2007 he was featured in Fangoria Magazine for recording a music video for the single "Meet The Monstors" on the set of an Australian horror film The Disturbed at the notorious Aradale Mental Hospital in Ararat, Victoria. Often referred as the most haunted establishment in Australia. The single was released on "Cannibal Clown".

KidCrusher was booked to perform at the 2008 Gathering of the Juggalos event at Cave-In-Rock, Illinois but was deported upon arrival at the Minneapolis Airport due to a previous criminal conviction involving marijuana. He was dropped off at Amsterdam in the Netherlands before planning his own way home. He noted the conviction was so small that it's not on his criminal record and was wrongfully deported which caused him financial loss, depression and trauma. He is currently banned from America as a visitor but is likely to be accepted on a working visa, though he has not returned since. After the issues internationally, he started his own touring group mainly focused on his own headlined Australian tours but booked several international acts including; Hopsin, Swizzz and Teddy DKC of Bawdy Festival.

In 2010, Todd Hansen of The Berzerker joined with KidCrusher on a metal project called "KcaveMen", they released a full length album entitled "Gondwanaland" and toured 6 dates around Australia with Headkase. KidCrusher then returned to his first band "Rectal Birth" for a self produced solo album called "The Nothing" released in 2012, focused on Industrial Metal and toured Australia with Hed(pe) and Mushroomhead.

In 2013, KidCrusher headlined the release party for Grand Theft Auto V at EB Games in Adelaide, he then went to tour Australia wide with the Insane Clown Posse to promote The Mighty Death Pop with Boondox and Big Hoodoo.

In 2014, his album "Metal Murder 3D" was released and then was nominated and won "Metal album of the year" at Faygoluvers Heaven. The album featured a short film "Alice In Zombieland" which had a short run in theaters around Australia. He went on to tour Australia to promote the album with Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Boondox on the Underground Assault Tour.

In 2016, KidCrusher produced the musical score, sound effects and soundtrack for two independent movies "Sheborg Massacre" and "From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl" released by Monster Pictures Australia and produced by Strongman Pictures.


KidCrusher - 2020 Netfest- On Your Couch (Full Performance)

In 2020, a standalone single was released entitled "Sacrifice" and features the Canadian actor Louis Tripp from the cult-classic horror movies "The Gate" and "Gate II" as a producer and returning to acting for the music video to the single. Due to the COVID pandemic, albums were delayed until further notice but he was able to film an Isolated performance for Astronomicon / Majik Ninja Entertainment's online festival "Netfest: On Your Couch!" and headlined the underground pre-show in May 2020.

In 2021, KcaveMen released a new album entitled "Evolution" The album was completely written and produced by KidCrusher with only guest vocals from original drummer "Todd Hansen". Two other original members returned to the band prior to the album release for live shows, they performed two local events, one which was sold out, then went on to headline the Wacken Metal Battle in Adelaide. They released 3 music videos to promote the new album as well as being featured on the front page of Heavy Magazine Australia.

In 2022, Rectal Birth signed to Industrial Strength Records and released an EP entitled "The Nasty" a sequel and tribute to the first album "The Nothing". The Nasty was also featured on the 30 Year Compilation of ISR. It's announced a remix ep of The Nasty is in production as well as more singles in the near future for the label.

In 2023, KidCrusher released "Metal Murder 4K" the fourth and final instalment in the Metal Murder Mixtape series, followed by a music video for the single "Happy". The mixtape features 20 new tracks, some of which were intended to be on Distorted Dimension. The album wasn't originally panned to be a volume of Metal Murder, yet an original title - but later in production it was renamed due to it's resemblance of character.

In 2024, KidCrusher announced he will be working on a single for a New Zeland Horror soundtrack, a new rectal birth ep and a side business relating to promoting movies, with no plans for an album at this stage.

He has released 18 studio albums to date independently and is currently in production for a biography book to be released on Amazon.

Personal Life[]

Montague was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia the youngest of 2 siblings, he lost his father at the age of 6 months old, due to a work related accident. Montague is Australian/Irish and a descendant of the notorious bushranger (Joeseph Byrne) of the kelly gang, In school he was an outcast, though his focus was on computing, web design, music and formed his first rap group at the age of 12 recording on cassette tapes but later moved into metal music and mainly focused performing cover songs.

He worked at his local Blockbuster Video to pursue his love of movies but after the closure of video stores, he founded and ran a Backyard Wrestling group for several years as well as wrestling and producing DVD's including the Death Death Documentary. He worked as a DJ for several adult clubs, DJ for hire companies, online radio stations and now his own entitled The Drain, which currently operates on Twitch.

He then studied sound engineering and focused on a musical career in 2005.

Style & Influences[]


One of his biggest inspirations is music from Movie soundtracks, he tends to map his albums out like a movie score with the lyrics being the plot. He has stated in interviews he created the character with the intention to shock listeners with extreme lyrics based on inspiration from Serial killers, movies, depression and mental illness. Most notable Armin Meiwes the german cannibal, was the main theme for his album "Cannibal Clown", but not with the intention to promote or support this behavior, rather create a horror movie inside music. His albums are indexed as "Chapters" with similar intros documenting his body count and that he is still at large, similar to the Zodiac Killer in which has been referenced in many of his lyrics. He has spoken out about the extent of research he produced on these killers in order to create a more shocking tale to write about. All though he has been shamed in the media as Richard McCroskey who committed the Farmville Murders, was one of KidCrusher's biggest fans, KC has stated that he is sickened by these real life events and compares his work to actors who play fictional boogeyman like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

Behind the vocals, he has always attempted to keep his dream of a band behind him but performs on stage with a DJ and instrumentals. Each album tends to be a mixtape of genres from; Death metal, Rap metal, Horrorcore, Industrial, Dubstep to regular Hardcore hip hop featuring a range of sketch skits, samples and humor. Some of his notable influences stem from: ICP, Slipknot, Korn, Linkin Park, Fear Factory, Limp Bizkit, Trey Parker, Twiztid, Dark Lotus, Cradle of Filth, Mudvayne and Marilyn Manson.


With KcaveMen

As KidCrusher

With Rectal Birth

With Subterra

  • Lonely Depressions Desire (2004)
  • Chronicles of the Reluctant (2005)

With Tunnel Runners

  • Masters Of The Wicked Shit (2008)

As Producer (full albums / not singles)

  • KcaveMen - KcaveMen (2005)
  • KcaveMen - Return for Snack (2006)
  • KidCrusher - Black Circle Magic (2007-2009)
  • KcaveMen - Gondwanaland (2010)
  • Rectal Birth - The Nothing (2012)
  • KidCrusher - Back To The KidCrusher (2015)
  • EP Productions - Crazy Amazing Yeah (2018)
  • Sheborg Massacre - Soundtrack (2016-2020)
  • BatiBatt - Blood Rain (2020)
  • KcaveMen - Evolution (2020)
  • Rectal Birth - The Nasty (2022)

Chronicles of KidCrusher[]

The Chronicles of KidCrusher are Chapters to each studio release, like a story. In order of presentation/not release date.

  1. Tormented Mutation
  2. Light to Dark and Life to Death
  3. Black Circle Magic
  4. Cannibal Clown
  5. Metal Murder Mixtape
  6. Metal Murder Mixtape (Vol.2)
  7. The Grinch
  8. Teddy vs. KC
  9. Metal Murder 3D / MM3D2
  10. Distorted Dimension
  11. Metal Murder 4K


Year Title Role Notes
2007 Death Death Documentary Shawn Montague Also Director & Producer
2009 Law & Order The Axis Of Death Episode: Steel-eyed death
2010 Death Walks The Streets Trailer Theme Song
2011 The Mighty Misfits Documentary KidCrusher Also Music
2014 Murderdrome Trailer Theme Song
2014 Alice In Zombieland KidCrusher Also Music Producer
2015 From Parts Unknown: Fight like a Girl Radio Host Cinematic Score, Sound Effects, Voice Cameo
2015 Back To The KidCrusher (Documentary) KidCrusher
2016 The Drain KidCrusher 8 Episodes, also producer
2016 Sheborg Massacre Traal Cameo, Score and FX
2017 Tarnation Satan rap song + voice over
2019 SA Made Music Music Videos
2020 Netfest: On Your Couch! KidCrusher Live Performance
2020 Sacrifice KidCrusher Actor, Co-Director, Co-Producer, Music & Score
2020 The Drain KidCrusher Also Producer
2021 Nova Star Space punk rock star song

End Credits theme song

Theatrical Score

2021 KidCrusher Live: Virtual Victim Experience KidCrusher Also producer


  • Announced Amazon Bio Book (2024) In Production

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