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Larry Ash, January 2011

Larry Ash (born 1983) plays guitar and sings for Priority Orange. In 2008 he was temporarily the second guitarist in Mammoth alongside Josh Barohn (ex-Suffocation), and was a member of Blood Red Renaissance from 2009-2012.

He also works as an audio engineer, and has recorded studio projects for bands including Abeyant, Manifesto, Blood Of Abaddon, Convict Anatomy, and live recordings of Emily Smart, SE BON KI RA, Cam Blokland and The Spatchcocks among others.


As guitarist except where noted:




  • Fender Stratocaster guitars
  • Hagstrom Swede & Super Swede guitars
  • G&L ASAT guitar & M2000 bass
  • Peavey, Aguilar amplifiers
  • BOSS, Digitech, Vox, Korg, MXR/Dunlop, Ibanez, TC Electronic pedals
  • Native Instruments Guitar Rig

He is sometimes seen wearing a guitar strap which reads "A Delectable Medley Of Fromagian Splendor".

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