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Light to Dark and Life to Death is an album released by KidCrusher on December 31, 2005. However it was re-recorded and re-released in January 2007.

It is indexed as the 2nd chapter in the Chronicles of KidCrusher, however it was written and released before the first official chapter (Tormented Mutation). Most tracks are recycled material used for his failed supergroup Subterra. It features his internet viral single "A Dirty Fuckin Murder" which was featured on TV's Law & Order.

Most of the production comes from free beats online and was originally released as an internet only album in 2005 and was recorded without studio equipment. After the album went viral, he recorded his first studio album Tormented Mutation - then followed up a re-recorded version of this chapter.

Recorded in Adelaide, South Australia.

Track List (2005 version)[]

  1. Light to Dark
  2. Blame The Bodies
  3. A Dirty Fuckin Murder
  4. B Eating You
  5. Fearce
  6. At The Gates of Hell
  7. Suicide Hotline (ICP Cover)
  8. Mr. Rotten
  9. When the Smoke Clears
  10. Backstabbin Hippo
  11. Shitlips
  12. Life to Death

Track List (2007 Version)[]

  1. Chapter 2: Confessions
  2. The Depression Theory (ft. Stash)
  3. Blame The Bodies
  4. A Dirty Fuckin Murder
  5. B Eating U (ft. Skull Duggery)
  6. Fearce (ft. Stash)
  7. The Phantom of the Underground
  8. Here to Slay (ft. Dead Creeps Orchestra)
  9. Dead Crows and a Cannibal Clown
  10. Back Building (Intermission)
  11. Hate Me?
  12. Walk Wid Da Dead (ft. Stash)
  13. Rotten & Forgotten
  14. Mr. Rotten (ft. Stash)
  15. Mynd Fuck
  16. The Scary Door (skit)
  17. Hallucinations (ft. Stash)
  18. Fictional Stories
  19. The Crypt (ft. Psycho Thugg, Trips and Stash)
  20. Long Story Short


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Screenshot from the "A Dirty Fuckin Murder" music video

KidCrusher first started making music at an early age under different names and with two different bands, until he discovered the Insane Clown Posse in which years later he decided to spontaneously record a "Wicked Shit" style album influenced by them. A single was first recorded "A Dirty Fuckin Murder" and it was said by KC that the same day, he designed his face paint and recorded and edited/released his music video the same night. It was only weeks later until the music video was viral on the internet for all the wrong reasons, but gave KidCrusher the motivation to do a better job and working studio quality music.

Prior to this release, KC did rap under the name "KidCrusher" during his rap supergroup called "Subterra" they released two albums between 2004-2005. Due to the group breakup - KC recycled the majority of his lyrics from those two albums for his first two KidCrusher albums. Stash is the only member from Subterra which reprises his role, all other verses from other members were removed.

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Photos from unreleased videos recording the album.

Majority of the beats used on this album were found for free online. A select few were produced by KidCrusher including; Blame The Bodies, which was the second song recorded for the album, next to A Dirty Fuckin Murder. Others he produced include; The Phantom of the Underground, Here to Slay, Dead Crows, Rotten and Forgotten, Mind Fuck and Fictional Stories.

The Depression Theory, Hate Me, Walk Wid Da Dead and Mr Rotten are complete remixes of Subterra tracks.

The single for this album, is the only thing keeping the name alive, as KC has noted he hates to promote it as its too early in his career and sounds very rushed and rusty.

Triva: A Dirty Fuckin Murder is lightly inspired by the movie Brainscan and episode "The Soldier and Death" from The Storyteller. Mixed with a sexual tale of necrophilia. KidCrusher has noted he refuses to perform the second verse live. Several remixes of the single were released over the years but most notable in 2015, for the ten year anniversary for the album release "Back To The KidCrusher" performs a metal remix of A Dirty Fuckin Murder, with a music video "time travelling" back to 2005 to perform the single better than before.



KidCrusher - A Dirty Fuckin Murder (Music Video)


Back To The KidCrusher (Music Video)