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Mammoth, 2010

Mammoth are a metal/southern rock band from Adelaide, formed in 2006 by guitarist Josh Barohn (previously the bass player from New York death-metal band Suffocation) and local drummer Adam Groth.

The band worked extensively around Adelaide in 2007, playing many shows and producing two demos. Soon after saw line up changes in the band and in 2008 Mammoth had secured three new members in vocalist Pahl Hodgson (Beyond Mortal Dreams/Darklord), guitarist Chris George (63 Stone) and bassist Jason Moon (Double Dragon), shortly after recruiting Doug Clark (Blood Mason) to fill in on the bass duties.

One of the band's highlights was opening for veteran metallers Obituary on the Adelaide leg of their Darkest Days Australian tour. In 2010 they released a debut album.

After a lengthy hiatus, a new incarnation of Mammoth debuted in August 2014, with Barohn the sole remaining orignal member.


Current members

  • Josh Barohn - guitar
  • Michael Turner - drums
  • Mark Page - guitar
  • Josh Schultz - guitar
  • Pat Callaghan - bass
  • Dave Fagan - vocals

Previous members

  • Adam Groth - drums
  • Chris George - guitar
  • Doug Clark - bass
  • Matt Shepherd - vocals
  • Pahl Hodgson - vocals
  • Jason Moon - bass
  • Tim Dodd - bass
  • Larry Ash - guitar

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