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Manifesto was a heavy-metal band from Adelaide.


Originally founded by Alistair MacMordean in 2008, by 2011 after several lineups the band included Andrew Cutting, Mino Kolega and Larry Ash.

By Manifesto began playing regular shows supporting local heavyweights Truth Corroded and Octanic and other interstate acts from across Australia. New members included drummer Liam Weedall (Double Dragon / Voros), drummer Brody Thomas Green (Black Orchid), guitarist/bassist Brad Roscow (Optical Delusion).

In 2012 Manifesto started recording in the studio their first debut album which will be released in the spring of 2014. 2013 began and with the departure of Andrew Cutting, longest standing member besides Alistair, with Cam Blokland joining as his replacement. During recording, the lineup consisted of Kolega (lead vocals), Macmordean (rhythm guitars and backing vocals), Blokland (lead guitars), Ash (bass), and Weedall (drums).

In 2014 William Parry joined Manifesto on drums, but MacMordean relocated to Melbourne.


Manifesto perform a retro Heavy Metal sound that hearkens back to the NWOBHM and Californian Thrash Metal movements.


Current members

  • Alistair MacMordean - guitar/vocals

Former members

  • Andrew Cutting - lead guitar
  • Alex Quinlan - drums
  • Steve Edwards - drums
  • Tim Wise - bass
  • Larry Ash - bass
  • Brody Green - drums
  • Liam Weedall - drums
  • Cam Blokland - lead guitar
  • Mino Kolega - vocals
  • William Parry - drums

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