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Matt Ford is a musician from Adelaide, South Australia.

He is best known for been the solo artist behind Darkened Winter, Inverted Tomb & Northwind which he has released a number of albums, worked with underground labels from around the world and was also added to the book Encyclopaedia of Australian Metal. He has had music featured on radio stations around the globe, one notable feature was the Polish radio station "Radio Revolta" for the segment "Demons of Australia", playing alongside bands such as The Amenta, Mhorgl, The Furur, Vahrzaw, Destroyer 666, just to name a few. He also compiled the Australian Black Metal Compilation album "Terra Australis: Vol 1" in 2013, In order to promote upcoming Black Metal Bands.

Matt is also the current live guitarist for Adelaide shock Metal band KcaveMen.

He also joined Australian Black Metal band Christ Dismembered mid - 2023.


Matt began playing music in 1996 where he started off as a drummer, and gained a scholarship in music. After been accepted into a special music program he started learning a second instrument Guitar, which would become his primary instrument of focus. Around 2002 he played in his first band playing metal cover songs, the band played a handful of local gigs and party's. In 2005 he joined Adelaide Death Metal band Pitchfork, which seen the band release one 5 track Demo "Deeds of the Pitchfork" and play a handful of shows around the Adelaide CBD, As well as a battle of the bands competition which would see the band come in second place.

2007 would see the Inception of his solo Black Metal project Darkened Winter, in which he would start writing for his debut release "Gates To Eternity" and go under the stage name for the project as "Winterdemon". The project has had sixteen releases to date, as well as releasing split albums with Scolopendra Cingulata (Russia), Summon the Tempest Winds (USA) & Klamath (Australia). Darkened Winter has worked with labels such as Infernal Kommando Records (France), Depressive Illusions Records (Ukraine) & Silentium In Foresta Records (Mexico).

In 2008 he would form a local Metal / Thrash band called Till Death, The band released a self titled Demo the same year and played quite a few shows around Adelaide, Rural and Interstate. They also headlined the Bobfest Festival in Burra, South Australia. Till Death also supported KidCrusher on his Tunnel Runner Down Under Tour playing shows along the east coast of Australia. In 2010 Matt would join KcaveMen under the stage name "Zorg" and go on to record guitars on the Gondwanaland album, as well as embark on the Gondwanaland Australian Tour.

The same year he would start a new Ambient project called Northwind, which has had eight releases to date. As well as had tracks featured on compilation albums “From the Catacombs” (Black Death Industry Label), “Mechanical Souls: A Tribute to H.R Giger” (Do What Thou Wilt Records) & "Forest of Thorns" (Dornwald Records). In 2011, he formed a two man Death Metal project "Awoken By Death", The duo would go on to release the EP "A Wretched Disgust" in 2012. As well as take part in the compilation "Anomalies of Brutality" (8-way split with BloodKlot, Corpseflesh, Screwrot, HackxWhore, Impure Violation, Festering Drippage & Severtone, and was Released April 2013). A compilation album of all their tracks was also released in 2021.

In 2017, A new solo project in the genre of Noise / Experimental is created called Void, with one release "Storms In The Southern Constellations". 2021, Matt rejoins KcaveMen playing live guitars for the release of the "Evolution" Album. In October, they headlined at The Northern Sound System "Escape The Average" Halloween Event in Elizabeth, followed by a sold out benefit show in November to help save The Enigma Bar venue in Adelaide from closing due to the pandemic. The same year he would start a new Black Metal solo project "Inverted Tomb" having 2 releases this year "As Light Fades.." & "Storming Across The Sky". These releases followed a deal with Ukranian label Depressive Illusions Records, as well as a video interview with Perth radio station Nightbreed Radio.

In 2022, he is currently working on a new solo release for Darkened Winter "The Hammer Cracks Open The Sky", As well as playing live guitars for KcaveMen where they headlined the Wacken Metal Battle in Adelaide, aswell as supported the life's ill Australian tour for the Adelaide show. His solo project Inverted Tomb contributed a track to be apart of the compilation album "An Eternal Kingdom of Fire - Vol 6" which was released through Ancient Cult Records in June, 2022. Darkened Winter also released the album "The Hammer Cracks Open The Sky" in September, 2022.

At the end of 2022, two man Death Metal project Celestial Burial was formed. With Perth vocalist Aaron Mangano ( Cuntfull of Concrete, Kalvath, ex-Bloodklot, ex-Suffer in Rot) and Matt composing the music.

Their first single "Towards the Void" was released at the end of 2022.

Three more singles followed throughout early 2023, "Genocidal Extinction", "Mind Defect" & "Global Exit".

An album deal was made with Sydney label "Grindhead Records" to release the bands full length "Genocidal Extinction" in June of 2023.

In July 2023 he also joined Australian Black Metal band "Christ Dismembered" as a full-time member taking on rhythm guitars.

In 2024, a new Celestial Burial album entitled "Hymns of Horror" will be released once again through Sydney label Grindhead Records.


With Pitchfork

  • Deeds of The Pitchfork (DEMO 2005)

With Till Death

  • Self Titled (DEMO 2008)

With KcaveMen

  • Gondwanaland (2010)

With Awoken By Death

  • A Wretched Disgust (EP 2012)
  • Anomalies of Brutality (2013 / 8-way split)
  • 2010 - 2016 (compilation 2020)

With Celestial Burial

  • Towards the Void (single 2022)
  • Genocidal Extinction (single 2023)
  • Mind Defect (single 2023)
  • Global Exit (single 2023)
  • Genocidal Extinction (2023)
  • Dancing Clown (single 2023)
  • Welcome to Primetime Bitch (single 2024)
  • Hymns of Horror (2024)

As Darkened Winter

  • Gates To Eternity (2009)
  • Raiders Of Northland (2010)
  • Rise Of The Pagan Flames (2012)
  • Yggdrasil: Journey Throughout The Nine Worlds (2013)
  • Fate Of The Norns (EP 2013)
  • Tumulus (2014)
  • Blood Oath (2014)
  • Darkened Winter / Scolopendra Cingulata (split / 2014)
  • Awaiting Ragnarök (2015)
  • The Cold Steel Of Heathen Might (split / 2015)
  • Upon The Ravens Call ( single 2015)
  • Upon The Ravens Call (2016)
  • 10 Years Of Winter.. (compilation 2017)
  • Dark Age Warfare (2017)
  • The Sagas Of Eld (split / 2018)
  • Rarities (2018)
  • Hel (2018)
  • The Personification of Time (EP 2020)
  • The Wolf Within (2020)
  • The Hammer Cracks Open The Sky (2022)

As Northwind

  • A Time Lost (2010)
  • Winter Solitude (2014)
  • Tales From the Catacombs (2014 / Compilation)
  • Mercurius (2016)
  • Mechanical Souls (2016 / Compilation)
  • Majestic Winter (2018)
  • Við Sólina (2018)
  • Over Mountains Grey (2019)
  • Forest of Thorns (2019 / Compilation)
  • Beyond Unknown Lands (2020)
  • Winterland (2021)
  • To The Firmament (2021)
  • Woods of Grandeur (2023)

As Inverted Tomb

  • As Light Fades.. (2021)
  • Storming Across The Sky (2021)
  • An Eternal Kingdom of Fire (2022 / Compilation)

As Void

  • Storms In The Southern Constellations (2017)