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Matty Parsons with Semi-Normal in 2016

Matty Parsons (born December 18, 1991) is a musician from Adelaide, South Australia.


Matty Parsons is a guitarist mostly associated with Semi-Normal but has also been involved in other acts, such as The Serra and electronic project Melodiarch. In 2010, Matty released his debut effort with an electronic album under the name Melodiarch, releasing the 4-track EP Elsewhere before shifting his focus back to his preferred pop/rock stylings. He joined Semi-Normal in 2010 as a lead guitarist, playing on their second record So Much For Sanity (2012) and their stand-alone single Sun I Seek (2016) before the band disbanded in October 2016. At the beginning of 2017, Matty joined a re-vamped line-up with The Serra.

In 2022 after a long musical hiatus, Matty started his next musical venture in his new home city of Brisbane. Performing under the alias Clark Fable, Matty began recording an eclectic mix of Indie Rock, drawing influence from The Strokes, Teenage Dads and Great Gables. With a growing collection of demos, the debut Clark Fable release is due to be completed in late 2024.


Matty with Semi-Normal


With Melodiarch

  • Elsewhere - (2010)

With Semi-Normal

  • So Much For Sanity - (2012)
  • Sun I Seek - (2016)