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Max Tulysewski with the Bearded Gypsy Band in 2012.

Max Tulysewski (born August 26, 1994) is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer from Adelaide, SA.


Tulysewski has played drums with a number of notable bands in the Adelaide music scene including the Bearded Gypsy Band, Donnarumma, The Heggarties, Big Daddy's Discotheque, The Cortex Shift, Live It Up, Aura Form, The Here Away, Diamond Dolls, The Thieves, Super Team, Mammoth Logic, The Blue Katz and is a snare drummer for the Heathfield Renegades and The Bigfoot Collective.

In 2012, he formed Max Madman & The Heck Yeahs and began composing his own original music. The bands début EP, Live at the Ed Castle, was released through Open Grave Records in 2013. Tulysewski then began further song-writing projects with Superdose Gangway in 2016 and Team Friends Unite! in 2019.

Tulysewski currently endorses Metro Drum Co. and is completing his Bachelor of Music at the Elder Conservatorium of Music with a major in Jazz Performance on the drums.


With Tom Kneebone

  • A Kind of Strange - (2009)

With Bearded Gypsy Band

With Aura Form

  • Illustrious Impact [Part 1] - (2011)
  • Vesica Pisces - (2016)

With Max Madman & The Heck Yeahs

With The Heggarties

  • Incidentally - (2014)
  • The Heggarties - (2017)

With Highgarden

With The Cortex Shift

With The Here Away

With Superdose Gangway

With Big Daddy's Discotheque

  • Famousish - (2016)

With Donnarumma

  • Billy Billy - (2017)
  • Alien - (2018)
  • Rollercoaster - (2018)

With Team Friends Unite!

With The Bigfoot Collective

  • Masterplan Special - (2020)
  • Bigfoot Strut - (2020)

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