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Metal Murder 4K is an upcoming studio album by KidCrusher, scheduled to be released mid to late 2022.

It is the fourth and final instalment in the "Metal Murder Mixtape" series, which features different genres of music mixed with metal and horrorcore including; Industrial, Dubstep and more.

It is indexed as the 11th chapter in the Chronicles of KidCrusher. Recorded in Adelaide, South Australia.


Due to popular demand, following the release of Metal Murder 3D; KidCrusher was always asked about the possibility of a fourth installment in the series. At the time he shut down the idea, saying it was too painful to think about as the 3rd was a massive project that was stuck in development hell for 3 years and was tainted by negative tracks.

In 2020, KidCrusher announced a mixtape style album in production - fans uproared about the chances of it being Metal Murder 4. It was denied - however in 2021, KidCrusher announced he renammed the working title of the mixtape to Metal Murder 4K in favor of fans "4 the fans" and said that the longer the album progressed in production, the style and theme just screamed Metal Murder, but was never inteded to be. However this was to be the fourth and final installment in the series. KC Quoted "I always hated the sound of 'Metal Murder 4' but once my dj said, howabout 4K?, I was sold"

When he was asked about any guest appearances he said; "I've never released an album without a guest - a fan once said to me that MM2 had so little of me on there, call it an OSD thing or what ever, but I need to release an album that doesn't have that FEAT. bracket on the track list. So prepare for a lot of me doing my thing."

The album has been in production since 2018, as it features songs inteded for the previous release "Distorted Dimension" main production commenced in 2020 following the completion of his side band KcaveMen's 2020 album "Evolution". It's scheduled to be released mid to late 2022, the first single was an unreleased "Grinch" single entitled "Grinch Is God" which dropped in December 2021.