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Metal Murder Mixtape is a studio album by KidCrusher, released on December 1, 2008.

It is the first out of three volumes, which includes Metal Murder Mixtape (Vol.2) and Metal Murder 3D which were released in 2010 and 2014. The albums stand as a mix of collaborations between artists and producers with KidCrusher, in the theme of Metal and Horrorcore style tracks.

It is indexed as the 5th chapter in the Chronicles of KidCrusher. Recorded in Adelaide, South Australia.

Track Listing[]

  1. Chapter 5: Metal Murder
  2. Cry Wolf Creek (Feat. Mars)
  3. Trips & KidCrusher – Lyrical Arsonists
  4. Killin Shit! (Feat. Trips & Chico)
  5. Run Bitch Run! (Feat. Lo Key)
  6. Fuck Me (Feat. Dead Arm)
  7. States Evidence Of Suicide
  8. Float (Feat. Nascent)
  9. Bloody (Feat. Chico)
  10. Clean Cuts & Dead Sluts (Feat. RottenMouth/Syniister)
  11. Last Laugh (Feat. Chico/Leprikon/Razakel/Sicktanick)
  12. Murder In The Dark (Feat. Dyad Souls)
  13. Murder Party (Everyone Must Die)
  14. Perpetrators (Cannibal Clown Remix)
  15. A Dirty Fuckin Remix
  16. Blame The Bodies (Remaster)
  17. I HEAR Dead People (feat. Chico)
  18. The Puppet Master (Feat. Project X)
  19. Wait & Bleed (Slipknot Cover)
  20. Suicide Hotline (ICP Cover)
  21. My Torture Chamber


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KidCrusher live in 2009 promoting Tunnel Runners & Metal Murder

The album was first advertised to be a 10 track EP, but after the hype and excitement from fans KC decided to take off the release date and extend the project for 10 more tracks. During this time, a single for the album was released entitled “Killin Shit” which caught the attention of Violent J of Psychopathic Records. They then asked KC to be apart of the compilation album Tunnel Runners: Masters of the Wicked Shit. He hosted his own Australian tour in 2009 entitled "The Tunnel Runner Down Under Tour" to promote both albums.

Trivia; The cover songs for Suicide Hotline and Wait & Bleed were both recorded the same day. Noted to be one of his best performances in the studio.

The album was recorded while moving house, mainly recorded in empty bedrooms with a computer.

"Murder Party" and "Perpetrators" were originally recorded for a side project but were held in a vault, remixed versions were released with the thought they'd never surface, on cannibal clown.

Blame The Bodies" is one of the first KidCrusher songs ever recorded along side A Dirty Fuckin Murder.

I HEAR Dead People has been copyrighted from the internet since its release, due to an unauthorised sample used by the producer "13th Degree" the single is still available on the CD version of the mixtape, however a remixed version is due to be released on the upcoming 2021 KidCrusher mixtape.

Two sequels were released with the same theme; Metal Murder Mixtape (Vol.2) and Metal Murder 3D.