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Mino Kolega, July 2011

Mino Kolega (aka Ben Kolega) most recently sang lead vocals in Adelaide thrash-metal band Manifesto (which he originally joined as bassist), and has previously played bass for Nick Burns Band, Chaos Engine, The Long Grind and Priority Orange.


After parting ways with Priority Orange in 2005 he decided to change direction and focus on his own material.

He played lead guitar, sung lead vocals and was the songwriter behind Ben Kolega's Spanish Lovesong Band, which later became Pyro Cacti Mania, and also Deaf Friends. Deaf Friends released the 2008 album 'living at the Worlds end' the title refers to the band regularly playing at the pub instead of paying for rehearsal rooms. A reinterpretation of the album is planned for release next year in celebrations for the 10th anniversary of its original release. However the band will change their name out of respect to a social network for Hearing impaired, which has the same name.

Unfortunately a work accident in 2011 resulted in the amputation of the majority of his fretboard hand. He has been focused on his vocal craft .


  • Manifesto (2011-2014)
  • The Long Grind (2010-2011)
  • Deaf Friends (2008)
  • Pyro Cacti Mania (2005-2007)
  • Priority Orange (2005)
  • Chaos Engine (2003)
  • Nick Burns Band (2002)


  • Jackson C20 bass (downtuned to B-E-A-D)
  • ESP Viper guitar