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Mk II (pronounced "mark two") is the second Priority Orange EP and was released in April 2011. Unlike the first album, Mk II features performances by all members of the band as well as several guest musicians. Additionally, the three studio songs are more complex in structure and the writing has been heralded as "a step forward". In 2023 it was remastered and reprinted with a slightly different stem mix, an entirely new recording of "Not Naming Names" by the current lineup, and updated artwork. The new CD includes the self-titled EP as tracks 5-8 (also remastered but not remixed).

Track listing (2023 "Remarkstered" version)[]

  1. "H.I.T.P." – 4:45
  2. "The Diode" – 4:22
  3. "Cammy" – 4:38
  4. "Not Naming Names" (studio) – 3:53

Bonus content (2011 CD version)[]

  • 4.1 surround-sound mixes of "He's In The Pub", "The Diode" and "Cammy" in Surround MP3 form.
  • Live videos of "Anyway", "More" and "Left To My Own".


  • Larry Ash – guitars, vocals, production, synthesisers, programming
  • Shaun Hurrell – drums
  • Max Duncan – bass [1], vocals [1-3], cowbell [1]
  • Lisa Lane-Collins – guitars [1-3], vocals [1/2], synthesisers [1-3]
  • Mino Kolega – vocals [1-3]
  • Matthew R. Davis – bass [2], synth bass [2]
  • Simon Henderson – bass [3]
  • Mika El Inspire Wonder – vocals [3]
  • Tim Dodd – saxophone [2]
  • Jaime Dowling – vocals [1/2]
  • Danny Marshall - bass [4]
  • Tim Koster - guitar [4]
  • Kris Crummett - 2023 mastering

MusicSA review[]

Reviewed by: Tobias Handke, published on the MusicSA website on 18 November 2011.

"Mk II is a solid four track EP of heavy rock with an Australian flavour; think Karnivool meets Alice In Chains with a dash of Faith No More and '80s rock. The heavy turned prog-rock opener ‘He’s In The Pub’ has '90s written all over it, especially with the double kick and grinding guitars, but a mini '80s guitar solo mid-song brings out the progressive element of their sound. This is followed by the Black Sabbath echoing ‘The Diode’ and the head banging ‘Cammy’. Final track ‘Not Naming Names’ is a little darker than the rest of the EP, featuring a menacing bass line and more wild guitar solos."

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