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Rashamra was a rock band based in Adelaide that was active in the 1970s.


Andy Peake, Peter Murray and Peter Staben decided to leave the band Ebony Matt to form Rashamra and started rehearsing at Norwood in 1970. For most of their short existence Rashamra performed all-original material. Rashamra had a DIY ethic and organised their own shows and single releases that got them into the Top 5 on 5KA Radio.

They staged popular performances at the Largs Pier Hotel and Elizabeth's Octagon Theatre which were often sold out. Years later, members of Cold Chisel spoke of being inspired by these performances and of the cautionary tale of getting out of Adelaide before being ground down by the all-powerful "agency" system of the time.


  • Andy Peake - vocals
  • Peter Jesser - guitar, percussion, vocals
  • John Haffert - drums, vocals
  • Peter Staben - piano, vocals
  • John Falletti - bass
  • Peter Murray- bass, vocals
  • Sherry Hunt -  backing vocals
  • Annalisa Vague - backing vocals



  • "Mr Timekeeper" / "Paradise Found" (Edition One EMS 1003) - (1972)
  • "Antelope" / "Hang On To What You Have" (Edition One EMS 1004) - (1972)