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Rectal Birth are an Industrial death metal band from Adelaide, South Australia and was formed in 2003. They perform a style of Grindcore / Death Metal mixed with Industrial Techno also labeled as Cybergrind.


All though the band was formed decades ago, it originally started as a cover band and disbanded but reformed and transformed in 2012 for a one man band Industrial Metal project. KC (Vocals/Guitar/Programming) the founder of the group produced the debut album “The Nothing” and released it independently while performing DJ sets around Australia promoting the release. The project was again laid to rest the following year due to other commitments in other bands.

Fast forward another decade: 2022, Rectal Birth signed to Industrial Strength Records to release their new ep "The Nasty" a follow up and tribute to The Nothing. A ten year anniversary print of “The Nothing” was released on vinyl as well.

Influences for the band include: Fear Factory, The Berzerker, Thunderdome, Igorrr, Korn, Slipknot, Lenny Dee and Moshpit.





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