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Rock in a Hard Place: 30 years of SA ROCK is a documentary about original music and local music organisations in South Australia. It features discussions about Three D Radio, DNA fanzine, Greasy Pop Records and other local music supporters in South Australia. Through the eyes and memories of over 95+ musicians and local music historians it looks back at the original local bands from Adelaide's Pub Rock Scene from 1978 to late 2000s. The participants interviewed reflect on their own bands history and also make mention of their personal favourite SA bands who played over the years. 


In 2008 Director and Producer Todwina J Moore of Artsendup Productions gathered together a small but keen film crew made up of local musicians and film industry friends whom all volunteered their time to get the project off the ground. They started filming interviews of musicians from some of South Australia's cream of the underground music scene. Musicians were carefully selected by a core group of local music historians, who chose participants based on who they believed had been the most influential on the Adelaide music scene over the years and who played original rock and punk influenced music. 

Many of these musicians had been playing music for 25 years or more and it seemed clear that most of them intended to keep on rocking for as long as they are physically able. After two film shoots interviewing the 30 people who were on her "must talk to list" Todwina realised the breadth of the intertwining connections, band family trees and sense of community these players had been part of and felt it was important to follow the train of thought and interview who they spoke about too. This led Todwina to continue on to interview even more people from the scene, but this time reduced to a crew of two, utilising her husband Pat to deliver the Questions whilst Todwina simultaneously operated both camera, lights and sound. Over the next couple of years they had interviewed 98 participants, capturing their stories, memories, and band histories. 


The bands included in the following list are some of the many who were either interviewed for the film or where mentioned during the 95+ interviews. Fear and Loathing, Accountants, The Dagoes, U-Bombs, Fun Fun Fun, Art Vandals, The Spikes, The Sputniks, The Twenty Second Sect, Lizard Train, Love Fever, Primevils, Dead Poets, The Brats, Innocents, Bloodloss, The Crazies, The Spell, Perdition, The Skunks, The Plague, The Ists, Units, Head On, The Acid Drops, The Plungers, Captain Scarlet, Luminous Green Snow, VD, Exploding White Mice, The Verge, The Green Circles, The Lick, Superfly, Lumpsucker, Ugly Ugly Ugly, Purple Caesars, The Bearded Clams, Where's The Pope?, Iron Sheiks, The Hot Tomatoes, Blood Sucking Freaks, Repo, Backseat Romeos, Kamikaze, Almost Human, The Gels, Meatbeaters, Raw Sex, Raw Spud, Black Belt Jones, Muscle Car, Glen and the Peanut Buttermen, The Mark of Cain, Lost Paris in New Orleans, Toxic Shock, Screaming Believers, Roadkill 66, Z28, Hack, Head On, Pure Purple, Liz Dealey Band, Purple Gang, Revenge of the Gila Monsters, Stink Pot, Purple Vulture Shit, Manic Opera, Hyacinthrash, Screaming Jennies, Leichenschrei, Operation Octopus, Meat Tray, Truck, Belial, Grong Grong, Meat, Truck, Guns of Krishna, Die Dancing Bears, Dead Popes of the Vatican, NFI, Fiendish Cavendish, The Toss, Leather Messiah, Viva Vas Deferens, Colostomy Bag Lady, Glamville, YOGSOTHOTH, Peterhead, Red Rascal, Cock, Roadside Slasher, Baby Doll, Clowns of Decadence, Avantgardeners, Roo Shooter, Toxic Shock, The What 4.

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