Roundabout Records is a recording studio and record pressing facility in the Adelaide Hills.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Roundabout Records is led by hills resident Colin Forster operating the facilities as a small-scale but full-service pressing plant, with recording and mastering also on offer. Forster has spent the last decade in Adelaide curating a crew of fellow analogue enthusiasts, including ProHarmonic’s Rob Squire and Swiss tech wiz Florian Kaufmann. The Roundabout recording studio is home to a 1950’s Neumann AM-32 cutting lathe from New Zealand’s old HMV Studios, the last surviving device of its kind. From mid-2016, Roundabout will cut 120g, 180g and 220g jams of classic black vinyl (the audiophile’s first choice), with scope to experiment with colour and shape.

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