Sonic Divide is an Adelaide based rock band. The group was formed by Glenn Johnson (Disciple) and Wayne Holden in 2007. The demo's of their original songs soon caught the ear of well known Adelaide producer/engineer Darren Mullan, and as a result, Sonic Divide entered the studio in early 2013 under Darren’s guidance to record nine of their original songs and released their début independent album "Sonic Divide" in late 2013. Sonic Divide later performed at Clipsal 500 bands on the track, backing vocalist Jac Dalton.

Members Edit

  • Wayne Holden - vocals
  • Glenn Johnson - lead guitar
  • Andy Young - keyboards
  • Ian Slade - bass
  • Evan Johnson - drums
  • Steve Pirie - guitar

Discography Edit

  • Sonic Divide - (2013)
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