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Speedboat was a band active in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney from 1981-1988.


The band featured members from earlier Adelaide based groups The Lounge, Systems Go!, The Iguana Twins, Robert Lloyd Ensemble, Avante Garbage, Crabs Cocktail Hour, Rum Jungle, Bank of France, Tidewater, The Bad Poets, the Accountants and more.

During 1985-6, Speedboat moved interstate, with its last incarnation performing the final show at the Newtown Hotel in Sydney in late 1987. A few months later, following inactivity, band members dispersed.

While classified by some as new wave-funk, different versions of the band played with different emphasis, spanning punk jazz, to free noise, club dance, moody pop to a unique kind of chamber music (in 1986). The band wrote and performed approximately 200 original songs during its lifetime. Some of which are starting to re-appear on Three D Radio and posts by band members on Facebook.

Postscript: a 3 cd release of Speedboat songs, titled "Plenty of Soap", was released in 2019, and sold out in just 3 weeks.


  • Mark McCann - bass
  • Lachlan Colquhoun - bass
  • Pablo Kordov - bass, guitar, vocals
  • Martin Rigby - guitar
  • Carl Orr - guitar
  • Jamie West - guitar
  • Phil Colson - guitar
  • Arnold Strals - guitar, vocals
  • Tom Stehlik - drums
  • Louis Burdett - drums
  • Steve Hearn - drums
  • Andrew Steel - drums
  • Craig Tidswell - saxophone, vocals
  • Steve Matters - trombone
  • Wayne Freer - trombone, tuba, bass
  • Huw Lewis - keys
  • Roger Ellis - trumpet, keys, percussion, manager