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Stoned as a Mother Fucker is a studio album by Stash & KidCrusher. Released on the 20th of April 2007.

The duo had worked together in the past for the rap supergroup Subterra and had several collaborations on early KidCrusher albums and demos. This would be the last time they worked together.

This album was also the dawn of The Grinch spinoff character for KidCrusher, who to this day reprises the role for singles and also released a 2010 album dedicated to the role.

Track listing[]

  1. Stoned as a Mother Fucker
  2. Married To The Bong
  3. How To Ask This
  4. Purple Hayze (feat. ill e. gal)
  5. Spark That (feat. Chico)
  6. Smoke (that is all)
  7. The Grinch On A Dope Pinch
  8. I Need That Killa Shit!
  9. Wassupwidyaeyes?
  10. It’s 4:20 Ya’ll


Former members of the rap supergroup Subterra, Stash & KidCrusher went on to collaborate together for years after the groups demise, including Tormented Mutation, which was originally to be titled "Stash & KidCrusher - Tormented Mutation" before KC took over the lead role. Also Light to Dark and Life to Death features the two as they re-record a few of their Subterra tracks without the other members. Prior to Subterra the two also collaborated on early KidCrusher demo's as well as Stash demo's, including "Stash Saves Xmas" which was the dawn of the "Grinch" persona, created by Stash - which was revised for this album.


Alternative original cover for "Stoned as a Mother Fucker"

Stoned as a Mother Fucker was a phrase first used in the track "Wassupwidyaeyes?" which was an old demo used before this album, they decided to make an album inspired by the single. KidCrusher set out to put the album together by producing the single "Purple Hayze" featuring American musician "ill e. gal", then worked with Epik The Dawn on piecing the remainder of the album together.

KC has noted this felt more of a "Stash" album featuring KidCrusher, as it became difficult for him to write and feel inspired as during this time KC was more focused on his own solo album Cannibal Clown which was simultaneously in production with this. He took the backseat for the majority of the songs, only providing a second verse without input on the hooks.

The album was released on 4/20/07, they were due to perform at the Sydney 2007 Marijuana Music Awards for their release party, but the event was cancelled, however they were nominated for the 2007 Cannabis Cup Marijuana Song of the year for "Purple Hayze". The single was also praised and won by a landslide for a "Phat or Wack" presentation on WfuckoffRadio with Shaggy 2 Dope and DJ Clay.

Triva: At one point the album was to be recorded with Chico and presented as "Chico & KidCrusher", however he only featured on the single "Spark That".

KidCrusher went on to use The Grinch character for a spinoff album, focused more on a murderous Grinch than a stoner grinch. He has released several singles throughout the years paying tribute to the character.


Stash & KidCrusher photoshoot