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Suicidal Singles is a compilation album by KidCrusher, released in February 2012 as an Exclusive Tour CD promoted on the Hed(pe) / Mushroomhead / KidCrusher Australian Tour.

However it was released online soon after as a "Greatest Hits" featuring live remixes and unreleased tracks to promote the upcoming album "Metal Murder 3D". It has since been removed online due to copyright issues with samples used in the track "Heartbeat" and "I Hear Dead People".

Track Listing[]

  1. Intro
  2. Date Rape
  3. Zydrate Anatomy
  4. Outsider Artist
  5. Meet The Monstors
  6. I Hear Dead People
  7. Demonology
  8. Murder In The Dark
  9. Sperm
  10. Heartbeat
  11. Bloody
  12. Anxiety
  13. The Naughty List
  14. Party Crashers
  15. Random Acts Of Hate
  16. Float
  17. Penetration (Rectal Birth Demo)

Volume 2[]

A second version was pitched to be released in the near future, however possibly to replace/remake as the original is no longer available.