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Superdose Gangway is an emo/pop-punk band from Adelaide, South Australia.


In 2015 songwriters Max Tulysewski and Liam Gare formed a group to further explore their shared stylistic interests with a view to release 26 tracks incrementally throughout 2016. This project became known as Twenty-Six Songs in Twenty Sixteen, with each track title beginning with the subsequent letter of the alphabet. The group chose their favourite tracks from this project and recreated them with higher production values for the mix-tape Monsoon Season. This album was released on January 3rd, 2017, the one-year anniversary of the official beginning of the band and project.

Superdose Gangway followed up their mix-tape with their first official EP Temple Bay in 2018. This was the first release to include Ben Finnis and Bonnie Aue, two adept jazz musicians whose skill would have a great impact on the band. Following this release founding member Liam Gare left the band due to overwhelming work life commitments and was later replaced by guitarist Sam Morris. In early 2020 Demerit was released, the first of three new singles recorded, mixed and mastered at Depict Studios in Adelaide that would later feature on their debut album.

In February 2023 they featured as a support act for The Smith Street Band at the newly established venue, the Hindley Street Music Hall. In March 2023 Superdose Gangway released Quiet People With Loud Feelings. It is considered to be the band's debut full length album. The album release was followed by a joint Australian tour with Tasmanian band The Sleepyheads in April 2023. The tour featured shows in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. Superdose Gangway also featured in the film 'Emotion Is Dead' by writer and director Pete Williams. They played the role of a fictional band within the film, but their original song song 'Ceramic' is heavily featured. They also arranged and recorded a cover of 'Shutting Down Our Town' by Jimmy Barnes (Cold Chisel) for the film. Emotion Is Dead was first screened in August 2023 at The Piccadilly Cinema in North Adelaide.


Current Members

  • Max Tulysewski - vocals, keyboards
  • Ben Finnis - guitar, vocals
  • Sam Morris - guitar
  • Zoe Smith - guitar, vocals
  • Anthony Costanzo - bass, vocals
  • Craig Burns - drums

Past & featured members

  • Liam Gare - vocals, guitar
  • Ned Heggart - bass
  • Bonnie Aué - bass
  • Kyle Opie - drums



Singles & EPs