Systems Go! was an Adelaide based band active during the early 1980s.

Biography Edit

The band released a 7" single (No More Xmas, Carol), along with a live to air recorded track (Red Light On) on 5MMM's compilation of Adelaide bands 1980s. They also released a compilation cassette (girl boy records).

Systems Go had two distinct line ups, plus an array of rotating members. They were perhaps most remembered for their song "Anticipation" (comp. Arnold Strals) - a 5MMM airplay staple, & a co-winner of 5MMMs 'best song' competition/award. Their use of vibraphone & found percussion objects, muted guitars - & the inclination for band members to swap instruments during a set - were points of distinction.

Members Edit

  • Vicki Wilkinson - sax
  • Elizabeth Kelly - vocals, vibraphone
  • Arnold Strals - vocals, guitar
  • Julie Grace - vocals, guitar, bass
  • Andrew Mills - drums
  • Tom Stehlick - drums
  • Craig Tidswell - vocals, sax
  • Diana - vocals, keyboards
  • Barbara Lloyd - vocals, guitar
  • Leonie Furler - bass
  • Huw Lewis - lead guitar, slide guitar
  • Liduina van der Sman - saxophone, flute
  • Adrienne Sach - piano
  • Keith Newman - drums
  • Vonni Rollan - congas
  • Nigel Sweeting - bass

Discography Edit


  • Transatlantic Line / No more Xmas, Carol (private press)


  • Systems Go - (boy-girl records) compilation cassette
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