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The Belle-Phonics began in 2008, originally started by Max McHenry, as a Soul band playing music of Sharon Jones, Archie Bell and the Drells as well as some original material from Max. Since then, the band has changed into what is now an original Pop/Funk/Rock outfit. Their début EP features 5 tracks of original tunes from past and present members of the Belle-Phonics and was ecorded at Chapel Lane Studios and mixed by Paul White (Goose, The Airbenders).


  • Sam Leske - Lead Guitar
  • Liam Garcia-Hardman - Guitar
  • Luke Ciaramella - Guitar
  • Brett Williams - Bass
  • Holly Thomas - Drums
  • Eric Santucci - Trumpet
  • Jason McMahon - Sax
  • Natalie Cruse - Bari Sax