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The Borderers is a folk band from Adelaide.


The Borderers became a band by accident when Jim was backpacking in Australia in 1993 as part of a round the world trip. He says: “I was just visiting South Australia to visit a friend when I got invited to a recording studio to hear this band. I loved their sound so much that I eventually co-produced the album, married the lead singer and bought a house in Adelaide”. The Borderers were active for 30 years before performing their final farewell gig.


The Borderers have been voted Best World Music act at the Musicoz Awards and Best Gospel song at the Independent Music Awards in the USA. They have also just been voted S.A.'s Best Band and their new double album "Tales of Love & Loss" was the winner of the Best Album of the Year.


  • Jim Paterson - guitar, vocals
  • Denise Alex Alexander - vocals


  • Independent's Day - (1995)
  • Woman - (1997)
  • Live at The Gov - (1999)
  • The Gathering - (2001)
  • Inspired! - (2003)
  • Grace - (2005)
  • A Time For Change - (2007)