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The Burning Sea are an instrumental post-rock band from Adelaide, South Australia. Comprised of members of Diplomat, Bronze Chariot, Swords, Love Like Electrocution, I'm Going to Fucking Kill You, Sex Wizard, MULE, Paper Arms, Bad Girls of the Bible, Rash, Eyes Like Black Stars, This City Dynamite!!!, Great Oceans, Monuments, Mirrorline and True Holiday. The members of The Burning Sea are no amateurs. Possessing a long, detailed and respectable history that extends into the previous century, they inject spirit into the amorphous post rock/metal genres by drawing upon no wave, noise rock and 90’s loud quiet, leaving the others to flounder in their long ambient sound scapes.


  • Nat Stone - Guitar, Vocals
  • James Hastings - Guitar, Vocals
  • Dave Longbottom - Guitar
  • Mark Draper - Bass
  • Aidan Moyse - Drums, Vocals
  • Brett Davis - Keys , Vocals


  • The Burning Sea - (2011)
  • Death of The Church DVD - (2012)
  • Pheonix 81 - (2014)
  • Dead Language - (2014)