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The Cheese Of Cheeses is an instrumental improvisation project featuring Larry Ash, Shaun Hurrell and Tim Dodd. Due to the off-the-cuff nature of the group, the musical style varies wildly between rock, psychedelia, jazz, funk and avant-garde. The members collaborate very rarely and usually record everything performed.


  • I: The Cheese Of Cheeses (April 2002)
  • II: From Parmesan To Mozzarella (May 2002)
  • III: Rehash (June 2002)
  • IV: Wrong My Brains Out (January 2004)
  • V: Couches Of The Holy​/​Obscured By Couch (April 2004)

Sessions VII-IX are as-yet unreleased. Session VI was not recorded, but is included in the numbering system.

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