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The Grinch is a studio album by KidCrusher, released on the 6th of December 2010.

Featuring the hit single "The Naughty List" The Grinch is a spinoff character for KidCrusher, loosely based on the Jim Carrey Grinch mixed with Marijuana and Murder themes, originally used for the Stash & KidCrusher - Stoned as a Mother Fucker spinoff album as a single.

It is indexed as the 7th chapter in the Chronicles of KidCrusher. Recorded in Adelaide, South Australia.

Track listing[]

  1. The Naughty List
  2. Silent Night Deadly Night
  3. Oh Fuck My Christmas Tree
  4. Scared Stoopid (Feat. Trips)
  5. Outcast (Feat. SwizZz / Chico)
  6. Slime In The Sewers
  7. Party Crashers (Feat. Trips)
  8. Bad Thing (What You Do)
  9. The Dope Pinch Remix
  10. Spark That Remix (Feat. Stash)
  11. Feel’s So Right (ICP Cover)
  12. Haunted by Negativity
  13. Purple Hayze (Feat. ill e. gal / Stash)
  14. The Next Page To Turn



After the release of “Stash & KidCrusher – Stoned as a Mother Fucker“, a side project in 2007. KC spoke out about doing an album based upon the song “The Grinch on a Dope Pinch” the album slowly went into production in 2009 and was released FREE on the Internet for Christmas 2010, the album received so many downloads that it crashed ‘s server. A Music Video for the intro track “The Naughty List” was later filmed in January 2011, released in March; by Strongman Pictures who produced Meet The Monstors. It goes viral every Christmas and has built up over 300,000 views on YouTube, but is noted to be “The Worst KidCrusher Song Ever” quoted by fans in the comments of YouTube. KC went along to say The Grinch would return for one song every year.

Future sequels[]

By popular demand a Grinch sequel album has always been bought up but never confirmed, however more singles are possible. He released the single “Random Acts Of Hate” for Christmas 2011, then composed a track for 2012 however it was released in 2013 "The Christmas Nightmare", the character did not return again until 2018 for a single "Tales from the Grinch". When asked why it stopped, KC noted, he thought it was overkill. In 2021, KidCrusher announced a new mixtape album "Metal Murder 4K" was in production and to celebrate he released an unreleased single "Grinch Is God" in December, a video was planned but due to covid travel restrictions it was cancelled and released as a standalone single. KC said he has considered another Grinch album if the right beats and ideas come together, however more than likely just new videos for older songs or a stage show as the Grinch would be on the cards.



KidCrusher - The Naughty List (Official Music Video)