The Hi Marks


The Hi Marks was one of the stand out first wave Rock n Roll outfits from the late 1950s and early 1960s, featuring Brian Penglase of The Penny Rockets fame.

Multiple vinyl recordings were published by this group over the years, with them often appearing on the television shows 'Woodies Teen Time' and 'Bandstand', as aired by Channels NWS9 and ADS7.

The Hi Marks regularly backed Johnny O'Keefe, touring with him nationally.

Band MembersEdit

  • John Crossing - Piano
  • Lee (Chunky) Sydenham - Drums
  • Peter McCullock - Bass
  • Bill Clarke - Saxophone
  • Geoff Godwin - Guitar
  • Ron Kelly - Trombone
  • Bill Rooney - Trumpet
  • Bill Greeneklee - Saxophone

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