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* Robert Boundy - Drums
* Robert Boundy - Drums
* John Gray - Keyboards
* John Gray - Keyboards

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The Modes was a band active in Adelaide, South Australia in the 1980s.


The Modes was a popular Adelaide Band in the early 1980s, winning The Battle of the Bands in Adelaide in 1982, they toured extensively throughout the South Australian country and Australia's East Coast regularly from 1983 to 1984. The band wrote several songs and demo's of these were recorded at 202 Studios in Hindley Street, and Graham Greens private studios, engineered by Tom Westerholme and produced by Brian Gleeson and Bruno Tararran, They filmed two live shows on video, at Melbourne's Billboard and also at Adelaide Festival Theatre's Amphitheatre during 1983 and 1984, and these have never been published or released. The featured song, "Free Me" was written by Hughes and Gray and the compilation clip was compiled in 2020 and presented for research by Robert Boundy for documentation of SA music history. Photos are from archive collection by Chris Towey president of 'The Modes Fan Club"


"Free Me" by Adelaide band The Modes circa 1983


  • Paul Newman - Bass Guitar
  • Dianne Dixon - Vocals
  • Karl Hughes - Guitar
  • Robert Boundy - Drums
  • John Gray - Keyboards