The Molting Vultures is a garage surf/punk band from Adelaide, South Australia.

Biography Edit

The band first formed as a three piece in 2004 and since have evolved in to a gang of up to seven. They have supported the likes of Radio Birdman, The Buzzcocks, Lime Spiders and Guitar Wolf. Their release 'Get on Board' was equal number 1 on the Three D radio Top 101.

Members Edit

  • Nick Birdman
  • Philby Jarvis
  • Suzy Ramone
  • Jamie Woolaway

Discography Edit

  • This won't hurt a bit - (2006)
  • Get a Grip - (2007)
  • Drop in and Go - (2009)
  • Get on Board - (2013)
  • Crowd Surfing with The Molting Vultures - (2017)
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