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The Norbu Pellets is a band from Adelaide, South Australia. Their songs are typically written in a collaborative style. Each of their pieces have lyrics with a playful or comedic intent that are often based on abstract or nonsense themes. Their music covers a wide variety of genres. From 2020 to 2022 The Norbu Pellets released six singles while working as a family based recording project. In 2023 they released a video clip for the track 'Garden Breads'. In 2024 they began to write and record a variety of new songs with a view to releasing an entire album later in the year. New collaborators were invited to work with the group to help diversify the project. While The Norbu Pellets is currently solely operating as a recording project, they have not ruled out live performance as a potential future endeavour.

Their debut album Made In B​ö​ö​g Land was released on June 1st, 2024. It has 17 tracks and was treated as a home recording hobby project. It features many styles of music including folk, metal, blues, doo wop, punk, ska, pop and rock.


Current members

  • Erin King - vocals, keyboard
  • Zinia King - piano accordion, vocals
  • Kyle Opie - guitar, bass, drums

Former members

  • Jed Newton - bass

Additional members





  • Garden Breads - (2023)